19th May (#48)

The summer time continues. Another blue morning dawned and the early start was a bit of a shock after 5 days of waking up later than normal. My legs were also a bit cross as the seat post being dropped a bit over the last couple of days but that was mainly the thighs, not the joints. It was “only” 10°C at 06.30 leaving time so pulled the long sleeve top over my merino base layer but I did only need the wear fingerless gloves. The winter gloves are hopefully now snuggled up for the next 4 months in their drawer.

There was indeed a chill to the air but summer being summer, things warmed up fairly quick. While I wasn’t feeling epic after five and a half hours sleep and grumbling quads, I did take a roundabout trip to avoid the busy roads as much as possible. In fact, I saw more people out walking (3) than moving cars (2) in my first 10km. Lock down eases but less cars than during lock down-Who’da thunk it? I got to work late, warm and sweaty. I wasn’t bothered by any of it. Summer has come again!

For a change it was a quiet day but steady planning for when the teaching schedules gradually return to as normal as we can get it with a bit of video conferencing added in. We are getting a new education sharing platform which is quite exciting. But not as exciting as my return trip home in 23°C, bright sunshine and a mild cross breeze. I went through via the dog $#¡T€ cycle paths through Harlow that the council doesn’t maintain and up to join the country roads. A rabbit and then a squirrel a short time later attempted suicidal darts across my path. I nearly ran over both but for my hydraulic disk brakes. I stopped for a breather and a snack under an oak tree outside a country church soaking in the sounds and the rural view.

It felt very English and peaceful. While summer riding in the countryside is great, I was reminded of the months to come-surprise insects flying into my mouth and stinging eyes as a result of rivers of sweat flowing from my pate. The insects got me early on this ride, the sweat only for the last 10km. But it was only a small drop in today’s ocean of awesome.

Total UK deaths: 35,341 (545)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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