24th May

I had a great sleep to exorcise the grumpy demons of yesterday but most of the morning was spent avoiding my reading. I know that I will really get into it once I start but my perception of needing enough uninterrupted time to concentrate is somewhat illusionary. I can’t go out into the garden because the dog expects play or the neighbours music is not my kind of background listening. Inside there are too many distractions, dishes, making BBQ sauce, marinating the diced pork in the former, floor sweeping, social media…the list is almost endless.

By mid morning, Mrs B2W went into town and master15 took the dog for a 30min walk. Now was my chance. I made a cup of tea and took my iPad out to the garden with a TMS replay from last year’s CWC on in the background. I got through 2 pages of Biggs & Tang (2011) before I realised that nothing had gone in apart from the memory of listening to this match at work and in the van on the way home-it was riveting.

I read some school emails detailing the plan for return to school for when they think master15 can go back for some face to face time with teachers. They don’t actually know exactly because the Govt haven’t been explicit in their correspondence. It’s all educated guesswork in the best interests of pupils. All of the clever people with a moral compass work for Govt and not actually in charge.

I left Mrs B2W in the garden crocheting and went for a ride up to the shop. I could have told her that we needed bread while she was out but I needed an excuse to run an errand anyway. I stopped in a sheltered spot and did some reading. None of it suited the point that I was making but at least it was a nice easy ride (even if it was only 8km). One of those effortless ones where you glide rather than push.

And glide I did around the hordes of other trail users. I was a mild spring day and the sun was playing hide and seek from behind the clouds. Families were out, couples strolling, friends out riding… There was little social distancing. Someone with too much power has suddenly made it OK not to follow the rules. 2nd wave, here we come (but I hope that I’m wrong).

After pork kebabs on the BBQ, I forced myself to read some more. After a couple of lines BOOM! There it was. A simple sentence to refer to in my essay to make my argument appear sage and insightful. I quickly amended what I wrote and added more, searched for articles on another point and constructed a table for another. Words in tables don’t get included in the word count. I felt like an out of control Govt aide bending the rules (but staying within them if course) to suit myself. I finally tore myself away just after midnight-even despots need their sleep…

Total UK deaths: 36,793 (118)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to 24th May

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Well, now you know how the elites feel, sparky. Kinda funny how that swings around, eh?

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