25th May

Today was the 2nd public holiday of May. Unusually for the UK, it was sunny and warm. I got up fairly soon after Mrs B2W headed off for work and did a little spin up to the shop to get bacon for brekkie. I could have gone all the way to the big supermarket but was on a promise to take master15 on one of my traffic free routes to get to his friends house on the bike. I did some chores and took the dog out on an increasingly hot and sunny day for a 5km walk.

Angry reservoir

She was knackered and I was too. It turned out that master15 had a sudden case of TDR (teenage demotivation relapse) and didn’t really fancy a ride in this “hot” weather. I’m not entirely sure how hot he thought it was from the comfort of his pit, not having seen the beautiful day outside but I was quickly over the disappointment and drove (yes drove!) to the garden centre for a herb planter and some herbs as well as some flowers for the hanging baskets.

There was a queue but the highlights of Eng v Aust from last year kept me company reminding me that I should be out on a field somewhere chasing leather. I got home itching for another lazy spin in the glorious weather and Master12 enthusiastically obliged. He was up for a chance to show me how much faster he is on the larger frame of his new bike. And yes, he is. I hope that he keeps enjoying the freedom that a bike affords him-he could be good company in the years to come.

After 10km near home, we said our goodbyes as I wanted a bit more (it is Monday after all). There were a lot of people out on bikes. On the surface of things, this is good but some need a lesson in ettiqutte or at least smile and wave back. I happened across a woman talking to her friends in the middle of the trail with their dogs off the lead. I didn’t ring my bell as I am certain that they all looked up and saw me. But they didn’t move nor tether their dogs so I slowed. As I passed, one of them said, “no bell luv? Ring ring?”. “Thanks for the scoop Grandma! No dog lead? Woof woof!” was the reply in my head 10 min later. Why do people think that it is OK to behave like this? It is a shared path. We all have a responsibility to be considerate. I was tempted to go back and give her a piece of my mind but she wasn’t worth it. Boy was she lucky I wasn’t the day before me.

I got home to the live news of a ruling elite squirming in front of the press not really telling the truth, desperate to keep his job. The whole story had the air of listing flimsy excuses for not having done homework. I love it how they think I stupid. The reason that this is even a story could be to cover up something more sinister like this. If you live in the UK, this sort of thing is terrifying. I cannot believe that this has gone under the radar but mainstream press are often easily distracted. Maybe we need to move to another country with a decent PM…

Total UK deaths: 36,914 (121)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to 25th May

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Ah well, I suppose they’re going to say the same about Trump… but I’m glad we have him over the alternate when it comes time to build back up. Stock market was up 800 last I heard. They called it ‘rally mode’ on the report this morning.

    Oh wait, they said he was a Russian stooge. Almost forgot it was so long ago. Turned out no truth behind that one, though.

  2. The other cyclists not saying hello thing really bugs me too. Such an easy thing to do, but some people just don’t seem capable of that simple etiquette. I often think it’s because I’m usually out pedalling on my touring bike, but not dressed up to the nines in lycra, just enjoying being out in nature. I’m obviously not a serious enough cyclist to be acknowledged! Thanks for your posts 🙂

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