28th May

Today was a really exciting work from home day. I had lots of admin and video uploading and the exciting part about it was that I had VPN access on my new laptop so could access my folders remotely instead of having to plan in advance and email them to myself and back again when done. What a breeze!

I kicked things off by getting up early and making a start, e-mailing all the important people to ensure that they knew that I wasn’t slacking. Then, because I am a slacker, I took the dog on a 4km walk to knacker her out so that I could have some P&Q mid morning while I drip fed e-mail replies and attachments of reports in the middle of giving my 29er some love. Actually, I’m not a slacker, it just feels that cleaning and lubing my bike while sitting at a laptop writing reports is not real paid work. Let’s just call the interrupted bike clean several mini screen breaks. It was however a productive morning and then at around midday, the e-mail stopped receiving incoming and wouldn’t allow me to log back on. I could get onto my folders OK and even the Outlook app on my iPad didn’t like my password either. So I went upstairs after lunch and had 40 winks before getting the boys fired up about a 16km round trip on the bikes to the supermarket. This may have involved a pick and mix bribe but like I told them, you have to make use of a sunny 25°C day in Pomgolia when it happens.

After showing them all about the ins and outs of checking tyre pressure before the ride and how to use the floor pump and useful tips on knowing what pressure you’re after, we started our spin up the Flitch. Master15 told me all about his 45km adventure on Tuesday to Braintree and back, extolling the virtues and ease of travel that a bike allows. I had held back yesterday quizzing him on his adventure-don’t wanna be a too pushy and want him to enjoy it for what it is which, as he said is an easy way to get around. The supermarket trip was all about getting beverage to accompany our pay-day treat. Curry.

This is the 3rd month running that we are taking advantage of a local restaurant’s 50% discount for NHS workers. It may become a regular thing-their horizons have been opened to the delights of sub continental cuisine. I did feel like a fraud using my NHS ID card to jump the queue to buy lager and cola, especially when the guy at the door thanked me for my “hard work” after a morning of feeling like a slacker. We zoomed back in the evening sunshine, taking the quarry road and stopping off at the airfield memorial.

Taken a couple of years ago. Roadside memorial to 386th Bomber Group, USAAF, Great Easton

It was a fun ride with the boys and also just what my legs needed. I hope that we do more and further in the weeks to come.

Total UK deaths: 37,837 (377)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to 28th May

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Hey, man, you earn jumping places. We give it out of respect, take it. Just make sure to frequent that restaurant after the discount… that’s why they give it to you. 😎

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