30th May

After waking from a 9 hour sleep bonanza, I cooked bacon brekkie for the troops and cracked on with the house cleaning for a viewing at 12.30. My role was surface cleaning downstairs including the floors. Thereafter I took the boys out on a newly discovered route on some arable farmland with the dog while Mrs B2W showed the house. She is a better salesman than me. We were able to let the dog wander and sniff things out off the lead rather than the on again, off again routine on the Flitch. She loves to chase people of bikes. Most people on bikes don’t like it. I find that most dogs give up if I ignore them when they chase me provided I pick up my pace. Or I just stop and say hello. Most dogs just want to say, “hi!!!! Wanna play?!”

After an hour of warm sunshine Mrs B2W dropped a text to say that the guy with his fancy 360° camera had come 2 hours early. This will allow people to get a virtual view of the house before a physical viewing. WTF? I was hungry. What about lunch? He was going to be another hour so we went home, dropped the dog off and jumped on the bikes to ride up the Flitch in search of drink.

I would like to say that it was a wonderful ride but it wasn’t. We were all hangry and the boys had already started bickering towards the end of the walk. An argument between the boys erupted in the shop over what soft drink to get. Apparently you’re racist if you like Fanta because it has its origins in Nazi Germany. I stayed neutral and got some Czech pilsner.

At home after a late lunch, Mrs B2W and I had the luxury of nothing pressing to do so we sat in the sun doing nothing. She fretted that we were forgetting something important. We weren’t, it just that she wasn’t used to having a 2 day weekend away from work for the last 8 weeks. I just celebrated the new phenomenon by lying in the deck chair drinking pilsner and listening to last year’s CWC semi final on the wireless.The assignment and hanging baskets could wait until tomorrow.

After BBQ chicken burgers, wedges and salad, Mrs B2W and I took the dog out again. She recharges again very quickly (the dog that is). We spoke about the easing of lock down and whether we should go and see her parents. I’m not sure that we should yet-even the Govt scientific advisors are breaking ranks and disagreeing with the speed of returning to something like normal. There are still too many cases, people are still dying and the track and trace system is a complete shambles. Apart from that, people in general are becoming bolder in not following the guidelines and will continue to do so. What could possibly go wrong?

Total UK deaths: 38,376 (215)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to 30th May

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Oh how I hate the “that company was once tied to something we now deem racist” movement. The intent is to show that the attacker of said company is intellectually superior for their knowledge of said racism. I’ve found, more often than not, the attack is generally morally idiotic to begin with and is usually based on being nasty for the sake of moral superiority than actual fact or real racism. And THAT is difficult water to navigate for a parent. You might want to have one for me while you’re at it! I’m not jealous of you trying to sort that out. Good luck, brother.

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