31st May

As is the general pattern for the week, I woke early. Instead of lying in bed reading the Twitter timeline, I had a eureka moment about my assignment, got up and got to work. The house was silent for 3 hours of academic bliss as another word saving table was constructed and more words chopped out leaving another 300 more for discussion and a decisive conclusion. For the first time in a while, I feel ahead of schedule.

It was too early at 9 on a Sunday morning to let a frantic dog out for a pee and a barking admonishment of the birds who dared to fly into her airspace. So I made bacon in a brioche roll for Mrs B2Ws brekkie in bed and took the dog out for a walk. Normally in May, even if it is sunny, it is not warm and there is plenty of dew about but today it felt like the start of a baking hot summers day. We only went on a short one but it was spent exploring more trails in a local area that perhaps we wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for the C-word closing our Hatfield Forest go to.

After lunch, I showed the boys a relatively traffic free route to one of their mates for a socially distanced walk into town.

Avoiding the cars

Even though it is a Sunday, idiots were about. On the only road that we rode on for about 200 metres, one that had been recently top dressed with chip and seal (& therefore with a 20mph speed limit), some clown nearly cleaned Master12 out on a blind corner. We stopped for a debrief. I explained that some drivers don’t give a $#¡T about others so you just have to look after yourself. I also advised them to stick to the pavement if they want to feel safer and that expensive German branded car drivers should be treated as highly suspicious in the not giving a $#¡T category. That’s why I am still alive. As if to prove my point thereafter, a white Audi driver sped up to road showering us with stones. I did however advise them not to repeat my expletives about slowing the ‘uck down as she passed…

Master15 seen off, Master12 and I headed for home on an incident free spin home on more bridleway and shared use paths. I listened to the CWC final replay on the radio. The last 10 overs and super over were painful. But not as painful as the message on the neighbourhood WhatsApp group about “someone’s” dog being aggravating by barking “all day” and sometimes wakes them up. I should say here that we are mindful of the noise and never let her out before 8 on a weekday and 10 in the weekends. I messaged back asking when it started and got a response at 7.15pm stating that they think it is our dog. We have asked these neighbours before to come and knock if they find the noise too much and it’s a shame that they had to wait all day to complain but they seem to be a bit passive/aggressive that way.

I’m really sorry that their Covidcation sleep in has been disturbed but if we don’t know then we can’t do anything about it. I don’t think that 8am on a weekday is unreasonable but perhaps it is considering current events. It leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth that neighbours would rather play out their dissatisfaction in front of everyone else when a civilised chat in person would nip things in the bud. And to think that we could be moving in next door to these people. Another reason to move to another country.

Total UK deaths: 38,489 (113)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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