10th June (#58)

I had the same problem as Monday waking up. I did some home work last night to stay on top of our expanding remote teach portfolio so emailed my apologies to my colleagues that I would arrive 2 hrs later than usual. I set my alarm for 7, not really expecting that it would be the first thing that I would hear and I was right. Cue the demented cat at 5. I did eventually drift off again only to hit the snooze a few times before forcing myself out of bed to start the day.

The forecast light rain had come 2 hours earlier. As I had left it out the previous evening, the crosser became my rain bike. The wind was also light so it wasn’t a driving rain but it was constant for 12km. I decided against my instincts to slow down and take it easy. When it rains, I just want to get from A to B as quick as possible but what’s the point when I’ll be just as wet when I get there either way? There were brief seconds of respite as I passed through the dry shadows of trees but sitting on the bars I could see differences in the fauna. An uneasy truce between magpie and thrush as they pecked for worms on a front yard, a lone moorhen floating on a pond as the rain danced on the surface. A different kind of beautiful. The following 11km was drizzle and I arrived at work feeling epic, sodden and the subject of admiration from the research dept, impressed with my commitment. Or my stupidity.

I had a long and luxurious warm shower followed by brekkie and coffee. Today was a take my time day after yesterday. I did all the important things. 3 hours were spent with no access to my documents due to a glitch so I didn’t feel all that productive for an admin day.

I was expecting a wet return but didn’t get it from the sky apart from the odd spot. The roads were wet and they’re getting busier. It was an unremarkable ride and my tired legs were glad to be back. My ravenous stomach was particularly delighted with the chicken burger, corn on the cob, salad and wedges for dinner. With no assignment an early night was planned to prepare for another wake up call from my dementor.

Total UK deaths: 41,128 (245)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to 10th June (#58)

  1. bgddyjim says:

    We have three cats and not a one wakes us up like yours… every time I read about it happening to you, I’m thankful.

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