15th June

Another Monday and another struggle to rise. It was 08.30 when I pushed myself upright but only to sort out a laptop issue of a disgruntled master12. It turns out that the battery was overheating because he was leaving it switched on when not in use while on his bed or a soft chair, not allowing the fan to circulate air to cool it down. Apparently when the machine over heats it shuts down automatically and this was the source of his angst while he was trying to get his school work done. The fix is to remove the battery and leave it out for a few days. Being an HP Probook 650, it doesn’t have a separate battery compartment so I unscrewed the back of it, took the battery out and screwed the backing back on. Thankfully it works fine now and we both got an unscheduled IT lesson out of it.

Master 15 beat me to the doggie walk chore so I did a couple of chores that had been bugging me recently, mainly to fix things that someone between the age of 12 and 15 has broken. Not big jobs but irritating to have to find time for. I’m certain that this wasn’t in the small print when we started a family. By mid morning, I was ready to hit some bridleways on a roundabout route to the supermarket.

It was gloriously warm and sunny with only a slight breeze. The vista from Great Easton airfield was magnificent. I love that place for its big sky and tranquility, more so on a day like today.

Trail between wheat fields under a big sky

After my errand, I went back up and had a snack and a cola to recharge and soak in the view. Looking at the concrete runways and the skies, I imagined planes taking off with their pay loads and returning intact, battered or not at all. I did a search on the Internet about this airfield and came across this excellent site showing the history of RAF airfields, many of which were also USAAF bases. I was reminded of my grandfather’s RAF service in WWII and my stalled research of his posts in the UK. It stalled because life happened and my search strategies were less than perfect. It has given me renewed interest to start again. This site will be a goldmine for me.

Total UK deaths: 41,736 (38)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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