19th June (#63)

I gave up trying to get back to sleep about 30 min after the feline alarm. I reset the alarm for Mrs B2W and hauled myself up at 05.20 to read about British atrocities in Kenya in the 1950s over a coffee. If I’m going to live in dystopia, I may, as well know some background. Then I took some photos of Master12s bike that were selling on eBay. With a supply problem, prices are ridiculously inflated. We started on a £99 minimum bid and someone offered £200 for it if we could get it couriered to Wiltshire. But in the end they didn’t like the shabbiness of the handlebar grips nor the rub marks from the cables. It’s 3 years old and done only 300 miles max. The paint worn quick release skewers are evidence of regular maintenance but they didn’t get that. Too bad for them. Bids end in 3 days, watch this space…

I opened the door to steady drizzle (AKA “light rain” in Britain). I went back inside, found my rain jacket and left home in lighter drizzle. After 2km minutes, it was gone. After 6km the sun was on my back, I was feeling like a microwave curry and stopped to take it off. After Wednesday’s road rage, I decided on country roads to avoid more rush hour hell. Except that now that car usage is rising, people are using these roads to bypass the main roads and appear to be using them to practice their rally driving skills.

The roads are narrow and single but if cars slow down, the can usually pass each other without scratching the other. There was nothing of the sort for me yesterday as vans sped past me, cars cut in front of me to avoid other oncoming vehicles and swerved to avoid me at the last second. By the time that I reached halfway to work, my patience had been shredded to bare instinct. A white van sped towards me with no sign of slowing down. A split second before it passed too close, I let out my loudest scream with my ugliest face. This might be my new thing now as I can’t return to my ore C word method of sharing the DNA of my respiratory tract on the side of their vehicles.

Work was spent doing an appraisal with my tech and making use of some down time to clean and tidy our rooms for a gradual return to more conventional teaching in the coming weeks. I was glad to get out early and with the help of a tailwind, took more country roads home along a different route from the morning.

It was peaceful apart from the wind in my ears. Being stronger than this morning, I was glad that it was supporting my lazy pedal towards my 200km weekly goal. Nearly home, I stopped in a sheltered spot and read for a while and came across this. I appears that UK deaths were not accurately reported during the peak of the pandemic. Whoda guessed?

Total UK deaths: 42,461 (173)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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