21st June

I fell asleep to ceasing party sounds shortly after midnight. I guess that’s the good thing about 50th birthday party celebrations-most present are too tired or too old, lacking the constitution to go on longer like we all did when we were younger. Father’s day. I was woken, not by the cat but by nothing. It was 08.17 and there was silence. A cooked brekkie in bed was supervised by Mrs B2W. The muffin was slightly over done, beans not hot and the pork pattie slightly tough. Cooked by masters12&15, perfect.

Being a Sunday, I waited until 10am to attack the lawn. It was slightly too damp and I could’ve waited until later but if I wasn’t allowed any sleep before midnight, then my rowdy neighbours would have to put up with my noise too. I’m more than a little fed up with showing consideration when none is given in return.

Afterwards Mrs B2W took the boys on a surprise visit to her parents who have been shielding for 11 weeks. I declined and went on a wander on my 29er, going on paths that I have taken the dog walking and exploring another running parallel to the A120 towards the delightfully named hamlet of Bambers Green. It’s fair to say that this path isn’t used much with over hanging branches and climbing roses impeding any reasonable speed over that of a walk.

I should’ve taken my machete

My legs felt like they were cut to shreds by nettles and thorns. I don’t think that I will ride this way again. After this I headed down to the Flitch once it was clear that my intended paths marked as cycle routes on plotaroute are actually footpaths. There was plenty of bike traffic. As is my habit, I usually say a friendly hi to others. Today I felt like a seagull from Finding Nemo (Hi! Hi! hi! HI! HI! hi! hi! Hi! Hi!Hi!Hi! hi! HI! HI! hi! hi! Hi! Hi! …). No matter what tone I tried, I can count on one hand those saying Hi! back. These were mainly families or leisure cyclists, out like me on their own version of a Dad day wander. Despite the lock down easing, it was great to see so much cycle activity.

The day was rounded off with lamb shanks and another Zoom general knowledge quiz with friends. We sneaked in as winners by 2 points.

Total UK deaths: 42,632 (43)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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7 Responses to 21st June

  1. bgddyjim says:

    People were a lot nicer when we were locked down. Everyone was all cheery when I rode by and said, howdy… now, not so much. Bummer indeed.

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