23rd June (#64)

The dreaded feline alarm jolted me awake at 04.30. The arthritic clomping about along with intermittent demands for attention, chin tickling and/or food ensured that my sleep was over for the morning. I got up and planned a route to work on my laptop. After all, summer is back and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Everywhere I plotted was uninspiring. I’m feeling a bit bored with the same old routes so hopped up onto the Flitch and went where the wheels would take me. In other words I didn’t go anywhere near the places where I spent 15 minutes planning on going. It took about 2km before the first 2 close passers announced themselves. A couple of startled juvenile deer ran across my path, bolting from the safety of one bank to the other. I probably wouldn’t have seen them lurking behind the trees if they hadn’t moved. Shortly after, I switched onto the road and followed the quiet country roads. Quiet because I only had to put up with 2 cars in the first 12km. I ducked down a bridleway that I have seen a number of times but never had the time nor was going in the right direction when I’d seen it before. After exploring a couple of duds the previous week, this one gave all I wanted including a handy off road short cut. Another one in the collection.

Bonus bridleway

I came out onto a paved road feeding some farm buildings and if I come from the opposite direction, I would never have found this path. Bonus. I skipped on down the path to the Church and had thoughts of a brekkie stop in the sun but then had my second wildlife encounter, a couple of swans with their cygnets right in the middle of the path and next to the pond. One of them reared up at me with a fearsome thou shalt not pass! hiss.

Orderly ducks with disorderly swans further on

I paused and waited for them to calm down, took a photo and steeled myself for a quick pass before my leg got a nasty peck. I got a full show of wings and another hiss. I didn’t bother stopping for brekkie, the Church was around the corner and I didn’t want the neighbourhood swan gang to spring a surprise attack. Besides, work was calling and I was running late.

I got there 5 min late but nothing was on apart from a full inbox and teaching later in the day. I was able to leave early and buoyed by a strong coffee burst into the 25°C heat under a clear blue sky. It doesn’t get much better than this in my part of the UK. I headed through Hunsdon airfield and towards Matcham wood, site of another WW2 airfield, RAF Sawbridgeworth, where SOE agents started their perilous missions to occupied Europe.

I was in an airfield perimeter defences kind of mood and, as the paintball adventure place that takes up some of the former perimeter is not in business due to the C word, thought that now was the best time to explore the area. I found a couple of octagonal pillboxes and could even crawl into one. My 10 year old self was excited, not only at my find but at the forbidden nature of my trespass.

Outside Mathams wood
Inside. Cramped, damp and splashes of graffiti

I trundled on into town to pick up some groceries and after too long in the sun, made my way home feeling like I had burnt all my matches with 62km for the day. An announcement was made today about the easing of lock down measures. There is still a 2 metre distancing “rule” but if you can’t manage that, then stay no closer than 1 metre. But only from 4th July when pubs and restaurant’s reopen for business. Dunno about you but from my experience of English pubs, I can’t see this turning out how they want it. We are heading to the poorhouse and they are desperate to revive the economy regardless of the risk to life. If I woke up from a coma tomorrow that had lasted the last 4 months, I would think that I was in a horrible alternate reality.

Total UK deaths: 42,927 (171)

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