24th June (#65)

I woke this morning feeling as if I had burnt all of my matches the day before! My legs weren’t too bad but my head was thick with that not enough sleep feeling. I took my time getting ready but not long enough to dither. It was glorious again out, warm enough for short sleeves, not cool enough to feel the chill on my arms in the shade-perfect. While I had to stick on a main road to get to the river, I was not bothered by car traffic as I glided around happy to be me.

Glorious start to the day

The return leg was another cloudless 30°C ride into a cooling crosswind. Along the river, it appeared that the good people of Harlow already thought that it was 4th July when the distancing restrictions are eased. Either that or there are a lot of Catholic families in Harlow. There were hordes of teenagers swimming and diving into the locks, people sunbathing, fishing and kayaking. The paths were overrcrowded, a pair of play-fighting nearly knocking me off my bike into the river for refreshing dip. No matter how much BJ dresses it up, the lock down is now effectively over. Without effective track and trace, this $#¡T will be with us again soon.

I detoured via the cricket club to check that my keys work for the gate lock. There is lots of pro sport on but not cricket-while it is a non contact sport, the ball is seen as a vector for the virus so it is banned. Apart from training as a form of physical exercise which I am not keen on until there is a start date to aim for. But I’ve been obliged to start some form of distanced coaching for the juniors. I wonder how baseball over the pond is managed. Some at the club think there should be no restrictions at all. They are in business or banking and impatient for recovery. It’s fair to imagine that I’m not their favourite person right now even though I work at their local hospital, the one that was worst hit nationally in terms of capacity. The whole thing is a mess.

By the time that I got up to Hatfield Heath, I had busted my 500mile monthly target. It’s going to be a bumper month distance wise with a few more days left in June for more.

Total UK deaths: 43,081 (154)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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6 Responses to 24th June (#65)

  1. bgddyjim says:

    It’s no different here, brother, and it doesn’t matter the party of the person in power. Unless you’re communist and kill people for leaving the house, what you have is what everyone has. Free people are going to find a way to be free, was ever thus.

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