25th June (#66)

I can’t say anything more about my waking this morning that you haven’t already read about. It’s my new normal to be woken by demented yowls and then doze between more intermittent demented yowls until my real alarm wakes me. And so it was this morning. Being a Thursday, I had a late start and left home with the weather app telling me that it was already 20°C out. For the 3rd day running there were no clouds, surely a world record for England!

I toyed with wearing a vest but don’t have one with pockets in the back so went with my lightest short sleeve shirt. As ever, my tired legs forgot their malaise pretty much as soon as I left on my morning sweat fest, quickly losing myself in the start of another most excellent day.

Work was busy with teaching starting to return to normal as well as a team meeting to discuss a proposal to move us into a new temporary accommodation. This is only the 5th option put to us in my time in the department which spans nearly 11 years. Our building is old, has suffered from physical neglect and it will cost ~£100K to replace the heating system for the winter which is not an option. If they want to pay 10 times that much to put us somewhere else until we move to a new hospital, then I can live with that, as long as we get something that is fit for purpose. I finished early but later than I wanted and pedalled into another baking hot blue day.

The crowds were out again, enjoying the sunshine and I had a lovely route planned in the countryside to end my commute week until a phone call from Mrs B2W. Master 15 had fallen down the stairs, had lost consciousness (before, causing the fall or after as a result of the fall). He couldn’t remember anything, had a possible broken nose, was feeling nauseated and drowsy. Working in a health are specialty not involving trauma, she was unsure whether she might be panicking by rushing to hospital. Nope, not panicking at all, go NOW. I texted my contacts in Paediatric ED and arranged for him to be seen ASAP. It sounded like concussion at best.

So I altered my route to the fastest way home to be with master12 while she went to the hospital. I got regular text and phone updates while he stayed in for assessment. It was frustrating and worrying not being able to do anything and thinking of the worst case scenarios. But rather than wait nervously by the phone going to pieces, I started on the house cleaning for a viewing the following day. I couldn’t do anything to alter what had happened and had to take my mind off extradural/subdural haematomas. It kept me busy enough that the time just flew by as I sweated over the bathrooms and dusting surfaces in my riding clothes.

All was well by the time they left hospital at 10.30pm (if you call mild concussion “well”) and he was back to his normal self albeit with a massive shiner developing on the bridge of his nose and forehead. He looks like Neanderthal man except with teenage acne. It sounds like he woke from a nap, got up quickly, felt faint, ignored it and continued to walk downstairs in his rush for dinner so it was probably all down to that. I hope. It was scary stuff at the time. Needing adult supervision for 48 hours means that I won’t be able to get out on a ride early doors tomorrow before Mrs B2W goes to work while I work from home. There’s not many priorities over riding a bike but this is one of them. Who’d be a parent eh?

Total UK deaths: 43,230 (149)

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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