26th June

Today was a non bike commute day as it was a work from home day. I was up early on the work laptop in order to get the house ready for a viewing after lunch. Once I sent a few emails, I went on a muggy 5km jaunt with the dog through fields up to the shop and back down the Flitch home. The rain had come earlier and had cleared for the day but the warm air was still with us. Master15 continued his progress back to normal and his return was marked by his criticism of the home makers’ inability to keep the food stocks to his satisfaction.

I made them Spanish omlettes for lunch demonstrating that there is more to mid day nutrition than another boring sandwich. Then I got notification that our viewers had cancelled so I had the opportunity to nap before running the hoover and steam cleaner around to complete my house executive tasks. Afterwards, the risk of thunder showers had passed and I was itching for a ride.

Mrs B2W had also made the most of the cancellation to get the grocery shopping done on her way home from work. But she had omitted to get ground almonds for her gluten free choc brownies which was a golden opportunity to offer to save her day and ride up to the supermarket. So out I went. The wind had gotten up but in todays heat, it was my friend, keeping things fresh as I crunched my way up the unpaved shared trail in my vest and denim shorts on the short 8km ride. I joined the queue and began to shed sweat. I’m not that bothered by it but others can be so at least people would keep their distance I thought.

Not being familiar with the location of ground almonds, I struggled to find it but when I found the baking aisle, I made my way to the last bag on the shelf. A woman circled behind me, made the most of my dithering and swooped on the prize. I was left speechless until a floor walker who witnessed the scene kindly offered to go out back and replenish the stock but that it may take some time. So I wandered to the refrigeration section to cool off for 5 minutes by browsing the lager selection.

In contrast to my usual habit, I went back the same way instead of completing a loop home which would take longer. Time was not on my side as I had burgers to cook on the BBQ before more rain came to clear the air. While the final distance was less than I wanted, another day on the bike was complete.

Total UK deaths: 43,414 (186)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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