27th June

I fell back into a 5 hour snooze after being woken, as usual at 04.30. I didn’t feel refreshed when I was the last in the house to surface but was glad of a lie in. One bacon buttie and a coffee later, I lazed about while Mrs B2W took the dog for a run in the drizzle.

I did some homework and met the guy who bought Master12s bike on eBay. He was very pleased with his purchase. I was very pleased to pocket the £185 that he was willing to pay for it. Before the C word, it may have gone for half that but in times of excessive demand, this is the market. After lunch, we double teamed the mountain of clothes that needed ironing while watching the last 3 episodes of the Luminaries. We can now fit the lid on the box for unironed clothes but there’s still another couple of hours worth in there for another rainy day.

My long awaited ride didn’t happen until after dinner. It was another short one to fetch some lager to keep me company for tomorrows BBQ. I started into a 22mph headwind but changed my route pretty quick to hide from the worst of it along hedgerows and then the trees along the Flitch. Riding into the wind can wait until autumn. The feathery tops of wheat flowed rhythmically in waves as the wind blew across the fields. It was hypnotising. I nearly crashed into a ditch so I stopped to watch it a while.

Wheat hypnosis

Total UK deaths: 43,514 (100)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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