29th June (#67)

I don’t normally work on Mondays but today I had to go into Harlow to have a look at some new premises in advance of our relocation by the end of September. The whole team were there and a couple of departments are already in situ enjoying the purpose built space. Specific to me, there are showers in the gents bathrooms, lockers and undercover bike parking. Logistically it looks like we will be running our whole day events there while maintaining a presence on the hospital site 2 miles down the road. Everything is light, quiet and cavernous and Kao Park is closer to home with a nice quiet country roads route making it nicer to travel to while extending my route somewhat. I am sold and will now be busy planning for the temporary new build that we should be in by October on the main hospital site.

The windy rides continue. This morning was 19km into a “moderate SW breeze” as described by the weather app. It was actually a B@$T@®D headwind all the way and I was happy to find my destination and escape it for a while. After the 120min tour and Q&A I was looking forward to a helpful tailwind to caress me home. The app had upped the strength of the wind to a “breezy” 22mph SW wind. The air temperature was supposed to feel like 18°C and while my core was warm, my arms felt cool in what turned out to be more cross than tail wind.

I found a bridleway to shelter while I wolfed down my trail brekkie and added my rain jacket to keep me warm. However, I had to remove that 10km from home even though it was unzipped at the front. It was one of those rides where too much was as uncomfortable as not enough. On arrival home, I took a pic and uploaded it with my Fillthathole app.

It’s a UK Cycling app that allows you to pick the location, add size dimension and take a photo and then, courtesy of the www, it gets reported to the relevant council to repair. The ones that I have reported have been repaired within 2 weeks and it takes much less time than calling the council waiting in a queue. I love it when tech works…

Total UK deaths: 43,575 (25).

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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