10th July (#73)

Last night we started the cat on something to keep him quiet during the night. In preparation, the boys paid him hourly visits during the day to keep him awake as much as is possible for a cat. He had me up at 04.30. Maybe he needs more time on the “Calmex”. It worked out though and despite the 5 hrs sleep, I got up, had some toast and coffee and noticed on my stats that last nights ride home marked 2000 rides since I started on Strava about 6 years ago. Epic. I left early to take a long route to work. This road riding is quite addictive.

The overnight rain had cleared and the sun was peeping through lifting cloud, promising a warm return journey. But the breeze was a cool North Wester, sometimes in my face, sometimes not as I cut around the damp country roads. The plan was to find a route to Kao Park, an off site building, 2 miles away from the main site where Finance and HR staff are based. I may find myself working there occasionally in the near future. I eventually found it after dropping into town and found some cycle paths that I didn’t know about which is handy to know. Avoiding the weekly Friday escape from work idiocy has become a priority after the debacle last week. I turned the route into a 27km ride to Kao Park and eventually got to work early after 33.5km.

The highlight of my work week was demonstrating a proof of concept with a mobile camera and video feed so that not everyone needs to be in the department for Wednesday morning Paediatric simulation sessions. In my world this is pretty exciting.

Now the session can be shared remotely for wider learning outside the department

Not so exciting was finding out that the lead for the new building is on leave this week. His 2nd in charge should have set things up to maintain the momentum but as I know that his communication is poor I am not surprised that nothing has happened. I was also excited to leave work in sunshine 3 hours early to get a big end of week ride home. I went on quiet roads to avoid as many shiny metal boxes as possible and took a country route.

I missed a turn off meaning that I would battle into the NW wind for the majority of the ride. It was sunny but not all that warm, the cool headwind taking the edge off the 19°C temperature. Given that I started off slow and I had to battle into the wind for most of the afternoon at the end of the week, a final speed of 22.5km/hr was OK for me. The longer than planned ride home gave me 70km for the day.

My legs were smoked, my knees sore so after wedges and a fishburger Mrs B2W and I went out for a doggie walk to keep them loose- I have a ride planned to pick up my 29er wheel from Dave in the morning…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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