15th July (#75)

Another early start, another early wake up. The legs didn’t want it as usual for a Wednesday but once we were out on the road on a dry, if cool morning in the long sleeves we had made friends again. As if to drive home my point to them, I snuck through a double roundabout in Sawbridgeworth while the people in their stationary metal boxes waited for whatever it was holding them up. It looked like a pre C word rush hour, too many cars and not enough road.

With the 29er wheel still in the shop, I’m exhausting my road routes to the point of boredom but I plugged away for 27km of good riding in the countryside. The roads weren’t exactly ribbons of smooth tarmac but at least there were no cars (or vans or trucks or SUVs… ).

Patchy but quiet

After a quick shower I was into my work and when I returned to my office mid morning discovered that there was a burst water pipe leaving us with no toilet or handwashing facilities in my building. So we were given the option of going home or staying. I chose to attend my remote meetings by doing it from home but only because it meant being home for lunch. I hauled myself sluggishly out, the mind willing but the rest of my body less than keen. I had no energy for a long one even though it wasn’t rush hour despite having brekkie closely followed by brunch and coffee. So I didn’t rush, even taking a bridleway to relieve the monotony of being on the road for too long. I finished on the Flitch, the plasticeine texture of the trail being adequate for my 35mm tyres. That I cannot wait to return to my 29er for a change of scenery is an understatement

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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