Dear B2W…

I had a annual leave day on Friday to attend to parental duties so was up with Mrs B2W to replace my daily commute with an early morning ride. It was a commute combo, taking in the 1st half of a long ride in to work to meet up with half a leg home route. In contrast to yesterday’s dank, grey feel, the air was thick with humidity, the roads dry under my wheels and the sun sneaking its way through scattering cloud. This is more like it I thought as I powered my way up and down familiar lanes, the sweat starting the sting my eyes fairly early on. It appears that my memo from the previous day had stung Summer into a swift reply:

“Dear B2W, I can only apologise for my absence over the last couple of weeks. However I have not been absent for a full month as you suggest and seem to recall a post from 3 weeks ago that mentions heat and blue skies…Believe me, it has been difficult to keep everyone in the northern hemisphere happy and given the global health situation I have been working overtime to bring summer joy to all.  I do plan on being more present to your expectations and by way of apology, I do hope to give you what you want until the end of September. I may see you on the beach on Monday. Warmest Regards, Summer”

Warm I was indeed after getting home on a faster than average 34km. The ride was also subject to another Strava gimmick, the “local legend” which I am afraid I know little about, apart from being one (apparently).

🤔 Hmmm 😅

Staying with the ablution theme, I did some quick loo and bathroom cleaning after showering and loaded the van with offspring to taxi master15 to his mates place and master12 for a vaccine booster before checking with Dave that my wheel was ready. My busy day off plan was coming together nicely. After lunch, I loaded the 29er into the van and collected the wheel on the way to taking master12 to a belated birthday party in Ware. There was no way that I was going to waste money, time and petrol to drop and go back home only to go back again so my plan was to explore the area on Boris.

There are a couple of paved river trails and the sun was beaming down on me from a cloudless sky. Before I knew it, I was nearing Hertford and people were out enjoying the day as by now, the school year was officially done. I ducked off the trail to head across roads to link onto the river elsewhere again but got lost, not knowing the area all that well. I found an off road trail but that took me further south and it took a while to get my bearings. I had no idea that Hertford Heath was so big and the signage was less than helpful, apart from the ones telling me about open days for the fancy pants local private school.

I eventually found my way to the river Lee path back up to Ware courtesy of a busy roundabout and a bonus byeway that took me over and beyond an equally busy A414. I stopped at a lock near Stanstead Abbotts and watched the world go by listening to TMS as I plotted my route to the local garden centre that Mrs B2W had sent me on an errand. I got there to find that I was required to use a trolley for my single item that wasn’t in stock.

Posh toasting fork. Another gimmick

After that disappointment I hit the boredom of the receding rush hour roads and met up with master12 and his friends at the riverside pub, chatting with their parents in the glorious evening sunshine. It was a busy day off but today, summer was back with avengeance.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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