22nd July (#77)

I had a dilemma today, the background being forsaking a ride on Monday to spend a family day at the beach. I had planned to get out early to make the most of a warm morning but the sleep committee over-rode the exercise faction unanimously. Yesterday I had to be in London for a physical meeting so didn’t commute to work so at around 3pm, I went on a lazy, relaxing ride around byeways and back roads doing some exploring of paths that I have seen but had no time to have a proper look. This consisted mainly of following trails to a dead end but I managed to skirt around to make a loop and the day was glorious again thanks to my memo to summer.

Glorious lazy summer ride in the countryside

But back to my dilemma. Master12 has his first cricket match of the season leaving me to sneak away early, too early to bike to work and back in time to get to the match in time so it looked like I would have to drive. And then I reached deep into my memory, of the days that we used to take the boys to their place of learning. I think that we used to call it a school. Of course, the Park and Ride! Drive to the supermarket in the same town where the match is on, unload the bike and Bob’s your uncle, ride the traffic free trails on Boris with his new 3 spokes on the back wheel.

And that’s what I did, lazily riding a slow rhythm along bridleways, cruising down the byeways and soaking in a mild summers morning as the rising sun greeted me every time I turned east. My main regret was forgetting a spoon to scoff my oats in the sun somewhere quiet although trying to cross the A414 later due to a lane closure for road resurfacing came a close 2nd.

I was just leaving when I got a call from stores who had received a delivery that they didn’t want taking up space in their dept. overnight. I didn’t want to be delayed, nor did I want 4 sets of VR headsets sitting anywhere other than my office so I waited around for 15 min for the guy to deliver the box. I chose a shorter route back as a result and tried as best I could to motor my way across the the back roads in time to get back for the cricket match.

I can’t say that I was fast, nor did I sit up and take in the views of the sunny afternoon. It was one of those head down, time-poor rides where everything was a blur. Except for the sparrowhawk who escorted me along a lane for 50 metres, slowing to catch an overhanging branch only to speed up again, becoming a brief aerial lead out to the main road as I tried in vain to get closer to it.

I got back in plenty of time to witness another thrashing at the hands of our local rivals and a late-ish night. Cricket is back. Yay! Not so yay is the reduction in my summer miles for the next few weeks as a result.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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