27th July (#80)

Today was the start of a long induction month for the new Dr’s starting. The first cohort are the newly qualified Foundation trainees in their prep for practice week before the real bun fight begins next week in August. I swapped my usual Monday off for Tuesday and headed out into a poor forecast of windy showers to welcome the trainees to the hospital. I am here to serve.

The roads were wet from over night rain but the air was dry despite the threatening sky. After a mile or so I stopped to put my rain jacket on as the light spots started to get too heavy. And then after another couple of miles, it stopped again until just after half way, a constant shower visited me for another couple of miles before disappearing. I made it to work feeling like I had been through a couple of rinse cycles in a washing machine. I was wet inside and out as the rain jacket had trapped the heat so my top was soaked in sweat. The rain was supposed to hang around all day and it was on and off and on again until it was time to leave for home when it was off again.

The wind had gotten up but it was mainly behind me. The sky was brightening so I decided on a prolonged route home around country lanes. I didn’t care if I got too tired as tomorrow was a day off and the rain later would cancel out U16 cricket training later in the evening. I didn’t really fancy training despite the match last Friday and I had even more recently falling back out of love with playing after being handed the captaincy for the development XI on the coming Sunday due to a 1stXI cup tie on the same day. This meant trying to find 3 other senior players to complement the required 7 U15/16 players. It would not be easy to find them. I had been looking forward to being a leader within the team (which is my strength) rather than being the leader. I have been there/done that and was looking forward to not having to do the admin that makes things so much less enjoyable for me. But at least I had control over what seniors I selected, people who I didn’t mind spending my Sunday afternoon off with instead of being around those with inflated egos without the skills to match.

I weighed up my options during the ride home. Decline to captain and the boys miss out. I had so much looked forward over the years to play with these guys after coaching them for so long, it would be fun to be a part of the same team, not just someone on the sidelines. The inflated egos probably wouldn’t want to lower themselves to help in developing the future of their club anyway so there would be no loss there.

The strengthening cross tailwind definitely helped my rhythm as I was lost in my conundrum and there was not a drop of rain during the trip home. With none of the 70% “risk of precipitation” apparent, it thespin cycle following the morning’s rinse cycle. The roads were peaceful enough although I’m not sure whether that was because there was little traffic or that I had my mind on other things. Although I was so fed up that I did a figurative rain dance for training later, I am glad that the longer route home helped adjust my attitude. It didn’t rain later to ruin training and we had a good workout. Fun even. Today I am grateful for small mercies.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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