30th July (#82)

Today marks 21 years ago that Mrs B2W and I met socially. We had met at work a year beforehand and I remember it as one of my life’s moments. That ICU side room is probably now a part of some city apartment development but “the single sideroom” as it was known then will always be a part of our memories. A camping trip a month later followed by a holiday to Tunisia later that year and we were both hooked on each other forever…

The cat wanted us to make the most our day waking us (me) well before the alarm. I got up, had a leisurely couple of slices of toast with my coffee, left a card for the bestest friend of my life and drove to the supermarket to part ride to work. It was Master12s turn to play cricket this evening so I couldn’t fit the full commute in. This is more like it! I thought as I weaved my way on paths beside the fields, gravel farm roads and byeways. If only I had remembered my plastic spoon for trail brekkie and had time to stop, I could have basked in the morning sunshine that I so desperately wanted 2 weeks ago. The highlight was not having to compete for space with anyone with 4 wheels. Save for the odd dog walker it was just me and my thoughts on a gorgeous warm sunny morning.

My day was the ruined by work or at least the irritating disorganised people whom I have to get on with to make sure that get my job done. I have often said that the morning ride is my favourite part of the working day and today was the proof. I won’t bore with details, I don’t have enough time to list it all. I would love a break but don’t seem to have time for that either with the busiest time of the year fast approaching…

It was hot when I left, 28°C, not a cloud in the sky hot. I had to get back for Master12s cricket but was in no hurry to score or umpire (I knew that this would be covered as I couldn’t get there for the start time). So instead I ambled about, loosely following the morning’s route in reverse. focusing on enjoying myself in the countryside for as long as I could. Which wasn’t long enough but I was pleased that I didn’t have to go further in the heat.

Master12 lasted exactly 1 more delivery than last week. For 2 innings, he has faced 3 balls for no runs, not great if you consider yourself a batter (or even a bowler for that matter). It’s my turn on Sunday. Having not trained nor played for nearly a year, I am expecting no better.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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