31st July (#83)

Today was a hot one. Not so hot in the morning but at 18°C and not a cloud in the sky with no wind, it felt perfect for a bike ride. The only blemish was forgetting a spoon for my overnight oats trail brekkie. It was my 2nd sub 5 hour sleep running but the morning ride felt fluent in the way that my tired legs at the start were with the programme early and didn’t moan as long as the gear changing committee upstairs were present to their needs.

It was also a ride uncomplicated by drivers treating me like a 2nd class citizen which was welcome after yesterdays experience with the truck. This gave me time to rehearse verbal fend offs and counter arguments as to why I would even entertain the idea of providing PPE “training” for ~ 2500 clinical staff. Apparently my name is in the mix to deliver this. I don’t want to seem elitist here but you train animals to do tricks. Professionals receive education to help develop their commitment to lifelong learning. It really cheeses me off that those with power but little real authority and understanding of how learning works don’t listen to those who know. “Consulting” with experts and ploughing ahead with what you want to do anyway because you don’t agree with what the experts are saying appears to permeate the management paradigm.

So I spent my time advising and negotiating a sensible solution that would not take me too far away from my contractual obligations. I am not the most assertive person in certain situation so it helps when I have some time to visualise what and how I say things. The morning ride worked a treat in this regard to prepare me for a difficult conversation. It was 33°C when I departed. The SE wind was not a cool one and I felt like a chicken in a fan oven in a family kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. I had planned ahead, freezing half a bottle of water earlier in the day and packing an additional 500ml bottle in my backpack. I like the heat but I had become declimatised to it after 2 weeks of indifferent English mid summer weather. It was no more of a slog than the usual end of week commute and I’m not complaining-2020 has been a good year for riding so far.

I got home with 1000km for the month, a B2W world record. It helped that July was a 5 week month and mostly fair. The 200km/week streak stretched to 12 weeks running, another B2W record that may not be challenged for a while depending on world events beyond my control.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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