11th August (#86)

Today is the official day that on paper at least, we have 2 teenagers. Master13 has finally made adolescence but has actually spent the last year getting some great practice in; grunting replies, sleeping in his clothes and waking up late are some of the classic behaviours that he now exhibits. Unfortunately, today was a work day, one of the only times of the year that I absolutely have to be there, facilitating statutory/mandatory training for new Drs. The day is spent trying to get people to be in class on time for training that they would really rather not do so there is a lot of ambivalence associated with it. Its more like herding cats but preferable to going to Thorpe Park and avoiding roller-coaster rides all day which is what Mrs B2W had the pleasure of doing…He had a great birthday anyway.

It was humid and dry as I set off at 6 a.m., my feline stretch alarm being kind enough to get me up in plenty of time to leave at the required time to get things set up at work. It was cloudy and humid, warm. I could’ve, should’ve gone sleeveless but sweated it out with an extra couple of inches on each shoulder. Once I got onto the river trail near work I briefly felt some wet stuff on my arms. Judging by the wet roads, I had missed a rogue shower that dumped some rain on the roads and moved on very quickly. It didn’t clear the air but I was happy to stay dry. Apart from being drenched in sweat that is.

After a day of herding cats and fielding WhatsApp updates from the rollercoaster fun somewhere in Surrey, it was time to jump on the pedals in 38°C heat to churn it home. Churning is very apt. Despite loads of water and reminders of, “c’mon! this is what you were dreaming of in January!!!” kind of pep talks, it was attritional and slow, just getting the job done.

There is more tomorrow. Can’t wait…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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