12th August (#87)

To match yesterday’s heat, the night was sticky and horrible. “Stretch” woke me again with his yowls at 5am on the dot so again, I had more than enough time to go through the morning routine of hamstring and glute stretches followed by some planks after coffee. Its fair to say that I had a bead on my brow by the time that I hit the morning air, cool initially compared to the stale, sticky inside air and it was very welcome. I took the same route as yesterday, needing a shortish ride to make an early morning training session on the Paediatric ward.

Very quickly the air felt muggy and grey cloud made it feel like another rogue shower could pay a visit. The forecast always states the percentage risk of thunder showers but this changes on an hourly basis and experience tells me that they are not all that predictable. For a change, I wanted to be the victim of a deluge but it never happened. All I got was wheel spray riding through the water from a burst watermains puddle and a couple of big heavy spots while waiting at the level crossing in Sawbridgeworth. There was little else to remember about the ride, being lost in my thoughts over the day ahead.

Being a mild climate, the UK infrastructure is not geared up for weather extremes. Anywhere that has double glazing to trap heat during winter does not have air conditioning to compensate during the summer. The operating theatre dept and the M&S are cool zones so I made sure that I visited both to cool down. Otherwise I felt listless and oppressed by the heat until a heavy shower visited when I went outside and stood still until my scrubs were soaked giving me temporary relief. I miss NZ where I could have a dip at the beach on my ride home, lunchtime, after dinner, after the pub or early morning (anytime really-I was so lucky growing up without even realising it). Here, I’m praying to get caught in a soothing deluge without my waterproof jacket for the same effect.

So it was after a figurative rain dance that I headed home, hopeful of at least a sprinkling without the thunder. I needn’t have bothered. The easterly wind had got up cooling things down so unlike yesterday it didn’t feel like someone was holding a hair drier in my face. Still, it was a headwind of sorts so it was another attritional one, slow but sure in the Hertfordshire heat that visits us once or twice a summer. The rain never appeared although with the breeze, it was bearable enough.

With more thundery showers forecast, the end of my commuting week looks like another couple of days of rain lotto. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative here-whether it rains or not, I will consider myself lucky; a win/win situation. Rainy and it will keep me cool. If it’s dry, it will be warm, what I look forward to on those cold, dark January days when the never ending sleet and muck on the roads and trails makes me question why.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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