14th August (#88)

Had the thunderstorm not arrived at my departure yesterday, today would be #89. If I didn’t dither, I would’ve, should’ve gone earlier and enjoyed the spectacle from the comfort of my office. I ended up running late waiting out the storm so grudgingly drove in the rain. At least it’s good for the garden I thought in a middle aged way.

It was another day of threatened thunder and lightening today but the forecast was OK enough to risk a ride. A cool northerly breeze floated into my morning to banish the humidity of the last few days. It was grey with a threat of the odd heavy shower and the roads were littered with potholes and puddles from the previous day. There was also a lot of muck washed onto the roads from the streams of water created from yesterday’s storms that could not flow into blocked drains. The burst water pipe from Wednesday had forced a road closure which was poorly signed so I stopped and climbed over the temporary barriers and the pile of soil that was in my way. I didn’t fancy detouring which would mean climbing back up from where I came, adding another 5 km onto my journey. Besides, I had Local legendary status to maintain and wanted to beat the rain.

I’ve got a few of these now but still on the free version so don’t know (or care) who is breathing down my neck

Almost upon hitting my last 5 km, something happened for the first time since last summer-a B@$T@®d wasp found its way into my lid and stung my forehead. Man! It hurt so much with my helmet rubbing on it that I had to take it off until I hit the road again. All the way I felt like one of those people who ride with their helmet hanging off their handle bar except without going hands free while texting with my head down. It made me realise how useful my lid is for taking the brunt on low hanging branches and leaves along the trail. Another reason to wear a lid to protect the brain box I guess. Thankfully the rain didn’t happen until 10 minutes after I arrived at work. It looked spectacular from the comfort of my office.

There was not much on at work so did an overdue spring clean of my office while I listened to the 2nd Test commentary. It was rainy and cloudy in Southampton too. With the threat of thunder again towards 6, I was keen to beat any wet stuff and electricity from above and got out into more of the cooling breeze. I went where the wheels decided to go initially but lost my bearings around the wet Hunsdon airfield gravel paths and ended up on a mini loop before the darkening skies told me that I really should get a move on. If not for this, I could’ve stayed out exploring for longer. It was much fun without the humid attrition of the last few days but all good things must come to an end.

I think that the combination of being in riding bliss and forecast weather gave me the Ray of Light earworm and the tempo was just right for my sense of urgency to beat the weather.

A bike ride was probably not what she had on her mind when she wrote this song

I got back and cleaned the gravel wash off the 29er, degreased and lubed the chain just in time before the heavens opened. In contrast to yesterday, my timing today was spot on…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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