19th August (#89)

My alarm woke me for a change this morning which is no surprise given that I was up until past midnight. This meant that the cat was fed late and his stomach alarm was set to 2 hours later than his usual 4 a.m routine. I was up at 5.30, ready for another day of herding cats (new medical staff attending their mandatory training). Rain was forecast for much of the day but not until 9a.m so I went a quietish route that was fairly short.

On a country lane, a driver in his shiny metal silver Mercedes coming in the opposite direction stopped to allow me to pass. Eh? I wondered if I was in a parellel universe where car is not king. It doesn’t happen that much so this highlight deserves a special mention. There were lots of road closures and temporary lights but I ignored them to keep a smooth easy rhythm. Ignored them safely putting neither myself nor others at risk-the roads were quiet enough anyway leaving as early as I did.

I was showered and ready for the onslaught by 8 and the day just breezed by. One good thing to come from the C word is that it has forces the organisation to accept that e-learning is necessary in terms of limiting face to face learning to the practical stuff. That way, people aren’t bored senseless by a passionate lecturer who probably talks too much about their subject matter in too much depth. That is, telling people more than they currently need to know. It has made my job easier at this time of year. Please let this become the accepted norm. Although e-learning lacks context, it definitely streamlines the box ticking of what people are required to know allowing people like me to concentrate what they’re good at, which is not herding cats…

I waited for the rain to slowly ease, setting off at 7pm in a retreating drizzle. It was warm, moist and sweaty, without my rain jacket. I trusted the rain radar and it rewarded me with another effortless ride, enveloped only in fine drizzle. I was however transported back to my current universe on the Sheering suicide someone in their Jaguar decided to speed past me a bit too close for comfort. Towards home a couple of juvenile deer, startled by the sound of my tyres darted across my path, onto an adjoining road and back into the woods. “hello deer!” I shouted in my best Barry Humphries alter ego voice.

Hello possum!
Credit: DinnerPartyDownload.com

There are no possums in the UK and there were would’ve been 2 less deer had that Jag been in the immediate vicinity. We all made it to where we were going in one piece, wet but satisfied.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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