21st August (#90)

I started this on the evening of my last day at work before a week off but never finished, mainly because of life, things getting in the way, taking me out of routine in a good way. I made myself a promise to abstain from work during my week off. Its too easy to get sucked in to knowing what’s going on at work, staying in touch to prepare for my return with the falsehood of feeling in control. Scanning emails remotely has become de rigeur to reduce the amount of work to return to. So rather than get sucked into chaining myself to even a little bit of email peeping, I realised that I already know what goes on at work-politics, sick people needing health care, trainees needing learning and a whole bunch of people wanting me to do their work for them. After the last 5 months of working in a hospital in 2020, I think that it can all wait until next month. Next month, September! Wow, where did summer go?

Which brings me to commute #90. The morning’s ride was a bit of a shock, a surprising change. I am among many people who ride a bike who studies the weather patterns and likely conditions the evening before I go out. Its been a habit since my mid teens in my pre match cricket excitement. But over the summer months, I have only paid attention to the temperature to make the choice of sleeveless v short sleeves. It’s been a nice break from examining real feel and wind direction, decisions about shorts v leggings, fleece lined long sleeve v number of layers, winter jacket v rain jacket…the combinations seemingly endless.

My ride was into a 20mph headwind the whole way. It was a shock to begin with but I slowly pedalled a rhythm to make it bearable. Rehearsing my work timetable and priorities on my last day for a while helped. I was distracted from the purgatory of battling into the wind for much of it as a result. It was an early reminder of the autumnal rides to come but at least I can make the most of the warm temperatures while they’re here. Which won’t be long now. It was an uneventful ride, mainly because I’ve had to take the same route either because of an early start or as was the case this morning I had an extra 30 minutes in bed. Ride over, I soaked myself in a long warm shower thankful that the wind was forecast to stay the same all day and get stronger.

Seems autumn has come early

While it did get stronger, it had died down by the time I tore myself away, on time. It was sort of behind me and while I was grateful for an end of week bonus push, it felt like a long grind. Maybe it was the thought of being free from work for 10 days and straining to be home after another crappy sleep, I don’t know. Whatever it was I was glad to arrive home to the smell of haddock in a lime and ginger sauce bursting from the oven.

The week off was frustratingly windy, cooler and littered with irritating showers, most of which I managed to avoid. But I diligently rode my bike towards another imperial ton for the week which was challenging with the weather and no commuting. I even played 2 cricket matches but the weather cancelled another. The head space away from work was great. I could engage in house moving jobs, hop on my bike for errands, take afternoon naps and plan my winter liqueur project around the boys activities. Together with long walks with the pooch, I feel no work pressure for the first time in ages.

Sloe berriesfor sloe vodka. Waiting for the raspberries to ripen to do the same and again with plums and gin.

So the day before the same old work routine, I’m in bed making the most of one last lie in to finally finishing this post.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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