3rd September (#92)

5 and a bit months later and the school run returned. Back to the old morning routine. Drop the boys off by 08.30, drive to the supermarket and ride to work. It was milder today and I was back in short sleeves only and with my rain jacket packed snugly with my overnight oats. I went 50% roads, 50% trails for the shortened 16km easy ride of the week. The trails were muddy and puddles were everywhere after yesterday’s rain. Going into the wind, I decided against the airfield route. There’s a reason that they built airfields high up on flat land, they’re windy and I didn’t fancy pushing into it any more than I had to.

I showered quickly while the workmen continued their job on the fire doors and was all set to complete 3 big admin jobs on a day of no teaching. I got half of them done due to being the only person who can figure out a couple of work arounds for people struggling with MS Teams and their remote teaching. Not that I am able to craft some IT magic but because I know how to do these things through bitter experience and because I’m a problem solver. As a result, I’ve created a bit of a rod for my own back helping people with their IT problems (or lack of understanding of how to use the software) and am the go to person when the real wizard, one of the library assistants is not around. This really eats into my day but its OK, I am here to serve. The extent of the tech that I grew up with was a dial telephone and B&W TV and in my late teens a racked stereo system with a new fangled CD player. The irony is not lost on me.

I had to get away early to get to a shop in Sawbridgeworth to collect a diverted courier delivery and ran into one of the librarians who was riding home in that direction. So we ride together. It was a nice change chatting away, comparing routes and despite our slow pace, by the time we parted it seemed no time at all. I collected my parcel to find that my Strava phone app had auto paused me after only 2km – I had done at least 12km. Then it did what it usually does, finds my location, plots a direct line to it from where it last plotted me and estimates the distance while not adjusting the time. Apparently I had done the 6.8km in 9 minutes (about 41km/hr (or 25mph for those of you not in the metric world).

Hospital to Sawbridgeworth as the crow flies

So I rode back to the supermarket choosing an adjusted longer route to satisfy my daily target. I did keep my pace up to beat the rain to post a 32kph/20mph average speed (in my dreams) & with another recorded 16km under my belt. Once home, I presented the contents of my package to the boys. They are now officially also citizens of NZ as well as the UK so have options to escape a ruined country and the legacy of today’s ruling class. Its the least that I can do for them…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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