4th September (#93)

Like Wednesday, it was cool again but the sky blue. Back to 2 layers on top, I mixed things up a bit, deciding on an easy start up the Flitch, along a field and onto the roads. The level crossing at Spellbrook was down so I rode up and down the hill a couple of times to keep the legs in motion until the train passed with its London commuters. I find that sometimes if I stop, even briefly, I battle with them to get me going again and I didn’t need that this morning. Not being all that keen to share my ride with the rush hour through Sawbridgeworth to the river, I decided on the back roads behind High Wych and Gilston. That would be quieter but the 3 vehicles on the single track lanes made sure that I didn’t have any early morning country peace. An articulated lorry, backing out of a drive nearly had me for breakfast and a speeding tractor (is there such a thing?) saw me in time to at least slow allowing me time to perch on a bank and let him pass.

I dropped into Terling Park, shown to me by Emma yesterday. She used to work in the library at a Pharma research company but now it’s a housing estate. The surrounding park has been thoughtfully left more or less as it was except for a short shared path down to the river. Another new route add on for me. I went this way again on the return journey after patching a puncture in my rear tube. With the onset of autumn comes the hedge trimming and scattering of sharp ends of sticks and thorns. And a reminder that I need new tyres.

New tyres or not, this thorn was always gonna get through. Photo taken next to Presta valve screw for scale

I went the same way to Sawbridgeworth as yesterday to track how much distance the GPS malfunction cost me (5 km) and back through the same lanes as this morning. Not entirely the quickest route home but peaceful. Not that keen on any more traffic, I went down to the river and up to Sheering avoiding the rush hour suicide of the main road. Then I was on auto pilot, putting up with vehicles until once again I turned on to more sedate country lanes to cruise home.

There was still enough light left to clean the weeks mud and crap off Boris, degrease, lube and have ready for another weeks riding as well as scoffing dinner. It could’ve waited until tomorrow but with the weather settled and dry there are house moving chores to be done, lawns to cut and more riding to get to 200km for the week before a day of cricket on Sunday. The kids are back at school and while the air may be cooler I am gonna stretch summer out for as long as September allows.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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