8th September (#94)

I got things wrong about the weather last week. Suddenly summer has returned again in a surprise manuever. Tactically, it seems to have beaten a strategic withdrawal, regrouped, resupplied and gone on the attack. Its pushing deep into September, giving us 20°C temperatures in a last ditch stand, delaying the misery of the cooler weather for the immediate future. Yay!!! It was probably the promise of this on my weather app that lifted me out of bed this morning but I can’t remember thinking twice about riding to work today.

And the promise was realised. While the morning was cool and I had 2 precautionary layers on, it was mild. I tried to eek out some extra metres but being near the end of medical induction season as well as the start of training programmes means early starts right now. The back roads were quiet but the main roads saw the return of pre C word rush hour. With schools starting back and the impatient, selfish driving has recommenced. It was good while it lasted. Need to squeeze past me to shave 10 seconds off your commute? Sure, why not shave my right leg while revving your Mercedes as you pass. But for every idiot there are many who aren’t and I arrived sweaty and satisfied with another 21km.

Despite a late finish, work whizzed by providing ungrateful tech support, untimely software updates and hardware crashes. I’m sure that I didn’t sign up for this when I started my nursing diploma and subsequent Masters degree…I was later than finishing late although it was planned and headed home under and overcast sky in a muggy blanket of 23°C. Before long the return of stingy sweat in my eyes welcomed me as I took a route to avoid the creeping barrage of hometime rush hour.

Stay a while summer and shine down me for a bit longer. Please?

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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