9th September (#95)

A good sleep and early wake up was followed by a bad day. It started with waking up to news of changes to and limitations of group gatherings in England and further Brexit shenanigans. I rumbled along wondering why these limitations have a deadline rather than starting immediately. The last that I knew, micro-organisms do care about time. Then I tried to unravel the lies told to us to cover up the lies that covered up broken election promises. HMG are the worst of cheats, brazenly doing what they want with their 80 seat majority without a care for the people that they govern. In a nutshell, they would meet your 4 aces with 5 in a game of poker and get away with it.

At least it was a good ride taking in some more of the country roads than yesterday. Because I was lost in my thoughts and enjoying the waking day, I forgot the time until I looked at my watch to estimate how much longer I could ride. I was already 5 minutes late with 3km still to travel and suddenly realised that I had some trainees to greet in 25 minutes for their induction. I sped in to work and sat outside cooling of enough to throw on some scrubs. There was no time for a shower so I sprayed on some deodorant and hoped for the best. After 30 minutes of stressfully rushing about, wondering where everybody was, including the subject matter experts, I was told that today was 9th Sept, not the 10th and that I was a day early! Nevermind, there was delirium teaching soon. But only 1 person arrived so we cancelled. The consequence of formal learning being halted at the height of the pandemic is that it is no longer in peoples’ habit

At least it gave me time for admin and setting dates for next year’s activity. I could’ve showered but no one even hinted at me smelling. One of the admins turned up with symptoms of a head cold but stayed because her boss didn’t advise her to stay at home. I strongly advised her to get tested and go home until the result. She refused. Even hospital workers at the height of a pandemic are stupid. I’ll look forward to my 2 days off when I get it.

After a meeting about another meeting, I squeezed through a window of opportunity and nipped up the road on an errand for some exercise. I’m not on the set of Nurse Jackie or ER so don’t wear scrubs off site. I changed into my riding clothes and ride a 2km loop to the supermarket and back, fresh and ready for a negotiating space for a new hospital building. It was a virtual meeting so I threw over my scrub top to look like I was at work. It ended with plans for another meeting about this meeting tomorrow to thrash out final plans for space sign off for our department. Somewhere in all of this, my tech informed me that she has been signed off sick for another 2 weeks. So in between meetings, I arranged cover and rearranged sessions so that I only have to be in 2 places at once instead of 3. After a week of her not being around, I cannot imagine the next 2 being plain sailing.

At hometime, my thoughts of a swift exit where deflated by my weekly puncture.

Thorny issue

Yes, we have definitely started the seasonal council hack-the-hedges-leave-the-debris season. By coincidence I had ordered 2 new tyres from the cycle to work scheme earlier. It was clear and dry, the sun rapidly setting showing off a marmalade sky. But this meant that the mild temperatures felt much cooler riding along in the shadow of newly shaved hedges.

Regardless, it was a perfect end to a crappy day.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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