10th September (#96)

Today was a short ride after dropping off the boys at school. I was more ready for a morning ride to work when I unloaded my 29er from my free parking space at the supermarket. I had been up early to walk the dog, loosening out the stiffness in my legs from yesterday and had acclimatised to the 10°C temperature. With the sky blue and bright without a hint of wind, it gave me the impression that this was gonna be a great commute.

And so it was. I chose the off road routes according to time and the ones that I knew hadn’t suffered the fate of the council hedge shaving crews. I did trade the P&Q for some road but this would be a single track country lane, free from vehicles. Or so I thought. In that 2km stretch I counted 7 cars, a van, a tractor and a motorbike. Perhaps word had got around about using this as a rat run to avoid the road works to prepare for the new motorway road outside of Harlow. Whatever it was, it felt like I was riding in Picadilly Circus or the Champs d’Elysees or [insert busy road of your choice here]. Normally 3 cars would be a lot on this stretch but it didn’t ruin my morning, I was just pleased that I wasn’t in one of them. All that stop and pause and starting again to allow oncoming traffic to pass would frustrate me.

On the last rise before turning in to work, a Jackdaw swooped across me with something big and round in its mouth. It did it again and then again before settling on the footpath to munch on his stale prize, a small baked potato by the look of it! I put all of yesterday’s crappy trouble in my mental filing cabinet under R for rubbish and got on with my day. Busy yes but far more productive without taking ownership of other people’s problems or issues. I have enough of my own. Maybe I should ignore the news more often.

Once I saw Emma, one of our librarians leaving to get changed, I finished my tidying up, closed my in-box and followed suit. It was fun last week to have some company. Her slower pace made me slower than normal but again the ride was all the more enjoyable for a chat. It was another glorious evening ride, the setting sun behind us casting our shadows long and showing off the evening colour of farmland and woods. If it stays like this when the leaves change colour, autumn riding will be awesome.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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