15th September (#98)

I was ready for another day of summer after a promised return of sunshine and heat yesterday. Today was going to be warmer, as hot as 30°C. But September being September, the days start and finish cool. Today was no different and given this knowledge, wore a merino base layer with long sleeves.

I started to regret this choice after a km or so and started think about arm warmers. Nah, no need for the sake of a couple of weeks comfort a year. I left very early for me of late, before sunrise so for the first time in a while had my blinkies on front and back from the off. I was treated to a wildlife bonanza early on. A large flock of thuggish Jackdaws squawked over the road towards to forest to bully the other birds shortly before a bemused deer stared long and hard at me approaching before trotting off into a field. The usual bunny rabbits scuttled their way through gaps in the hedge to safety while the coats of the less wild red poll glistened in the rising sun as they grazed in the field. You just don’t get this in a car. I was getting warm as I progressed but whenever I dropped down a lane, into shadow, the temperature seemed to drop markedly. Up again and it was warmer.

Once I dropped for a final time into the river trail, seeing a blanket of mist cover the flood plains I braced myself for more cold. Soon, droplets found their way on the soft wool covering my arms, hitching lift until I rose again to the main road and urban civilisation. After another busy day, juggling the work of 2, I was ready to embrace the heat that I had been kept from while being indoors.

It was worth the wait. I jumped out as soon as I could into the wall of summer. Hot yes but a breeze kept things comfortable. Had I not finished late, I could have stayed out longer but my parental duties enforced the decision to take the short route. At least the rush hour hadn’t started so the main roads were bearable. I stopped at the shop for a drink and some supplies for an evening BBQ as it would still warm despite the rapidly setting sun. Yay summer, thanks for stopping by!

Home made beef burger with smoked cheese, wedges and marinated vege. Maybe the last one of the year?

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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