16th September (#99)

To continue the summer in September theme of the week, it was a humid night. The bedroom window was open, keeping things comfortable but I was hit by still, stale, warm air downstairs as I made my coffee and packed my bag. I went outside and discovered that we had some light rain in the night but the air was warm. In the middle of September-Yay! I pounded along the wet roads on tired legs wearing a short sleeve top. The roads were quiet but I had a busy day ahead necessitating an early start. My plan for a final trail brekkie on the way to work in 2020 came a cropper. I have given up on it now unless we have summer again next week.

The ride was unremarkable save for the fact that it was the most enjoyable part of my day by a long way. Constantly having to manipulate my input into 2 separate sessions, I was on the go all morning, moving between 2 rooms constantly. I finally ate my breakfast at 12.30, surviving on snacking on half a packet of milk chocolate digestives beforehand. It was then onto a Zoom meeting that over ran before riding up to the supermarket for some emergency carpet cleaner and air freshener spray.

I had taken delivery of some pig belly last week and forgot all about putting it in the chest freezer upstairs. Although it was supposedly sealed in a polystyrene insulated cardboard box, the contents leaked on the carpet leaving the room with a stench of rotting flesh. The smell had permeated to the room below although the ceiling was clear. Summertime was not timely in this respect and although I only had myself to blame, I did not need it today nor have the time to clean it. But I had to so started on it before noting the time at 4.15. I had another meeting to discuss shaving off space in a proposed education centre in a new hospital build.

So I went to the staff restaurant for a sandwich and returned to press home the point that no amount of “creative thinking” will make up for lack of adequate space to provide good learning and enhance organisational reputation. The ears of power always seem deaf to expert opinion when money is involved. It was frustrating and summed up my day perfectly.

My legs complained all the way home from doing far too much walking all day on hard floors. The north easterly cooled the evening summer heat but it was a headwind. Well, a breeze really but after weeks of hardly any wind, it felt attritional. I completed bike commute #99, successfully loading the 29er into the van reflecting that toady will not be recalled with any fondness if at all.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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