30th September (#105)

During yesterday’s ride back, in my low mood, I decided not to ride today. And then later reflecting my post, I thought better of it. I will lose my protective blanket of mental health self help if I don’t ride if yesterday was anything to go by. So out I went into the misty roads of the countryside eager to make the most of the reasonably mild air that was forecast. The eerie dark shadows of grazing cattle in the field was a nice feature for starters. Moving onto higher ground made for better visibility as the sun climbed above the mist, casting long shadows of early morning early autumnal splendour. If it wasn’t for the early promise of spring and the warmth of summer, autumn would be my favourite season.

Instead of making haste, I cruised around, zig zagging my way across to Sawbridgeworth and up the hill to the main road to Harlow and the buzz of rush hour. I left the close passers behind to get onto tranquility again along the river path. More mist, this time hugging the water’s surface cloaking ducks and moorhens as they floated by on their morning business. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-you just don’t get this driving a car.

The ride home was less tranquil but only because I went more main road than not. There was a 99% prediction of precipitation. Apart from a few spots of light rain for 10 minutes, I stayed dry and warm enough with my rain jacket over my merino base. What I thought was one of my neighbours cars gave me a close pass, a utility vehicle with company name on it with a ladder on the back. I rehearsed my conversation with him for later but when I arrived home there was no ladder on the back of his parked vehicle. Maybe a colleague I dunno-I know that they have at least 2 of the same colour and make/model. I decided not to approach him and while I don’t know him all that well suspect that it was ignorance rather than malice. Besides, I had left it behind me, moved on instead to wash my 29er down with the hose before spraying lube on the important bits and coating the chain with wet lube for some interim loving.

So another month has passed and another 500 mile chunk taken out of the target. That’s half a endurance month if you believe Strava but more than enough for me. It was my 365th ride of the year, 133% committed to riding my bike. Only another 790 miles left to 5000 miles, well ahead of target…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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