15th October (#108)

I had another late finish last night, hit the sack late and woke with that thick, foggy head which tells you that you should’ve got more sleep. Even a brisk walk with the dog in the cold morning air couldn’t shake it. After dropping the boys off at school I hauled Boris out of the van and decided to take the shortest route along receding rush hour main roads to get to work for a long, hot luxurious shower.

I soon hit the tail of the snake of cars that is the morning bottleneck of Sawbridgeworth. I ducked through a path to some back roads and rejoined the A1184 bypassing the slow bit and what I found out later to be a lot of vehicles. The bus that passed me 3 or 4km back passed me again just before I turned on to the river path. As this was a reverse route from Tuesday, I continued the splashy theme, cutting through puddles aplenty along the path.

It wasn’t exactly long but the shower was luxurious and what I needed before a busy day. Along with coffee, I made it through the day more or less intact by 8.30pm. I was soon out taking another short route back to the van. The days of stretching the Thursday commute are gone for another 6 months. The dark, the cold and the wet will make sure of that.

For a while now, the bike commutes have become attritional, even after a week break last week. That’s the risk of having goals I guess and anticipate that the next 10 commutes and ~ 1000km is going to be the same.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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