Riders on the Storm

Today, we had a Vet come to the house to end our elderly cats pain, incontinence, confusion and suffering. It was distressing for me but not for him. Not being used to facilitated death, I didn’t know what to expect but the Vet was very caring and efficient in both a clinical and understanding way. It was mercifully quick and peaceful. Nearly perfect if that is such a thing in the circumstances. It was a hard decision nonetheless and one which was the right one for him.

Some of you may know that my alarm tone is a classic by The Doors. The intro is a smooth, peaceful wake to the day. Sometimes as yesterday, I will let it run as I drift back to sleep but I have to be quite tired for that. Over the last few months our failing elderly cat’s early morning antics have woken us earlier, robbing me of my Jim Morrison wake up and (a LOT of) sleep. We have long since started our own lyrics, started by Mrs B2W. If you follow me on Strava, you’ll know that I occasionally adjust lyrics of the songs in my head according to the thoughts in my head. This is another, but not related in any way to riding a bike. So if you know the song, sing along (I know that I want to)…

Black cat on the prowl,
Black cat on the prowl
You’re gonna hear him yowl
And you’re gonna hear him howl,
Black cat on the prowl

Black cat on the prowl,
Black cat on the prowl.                      He’s confused about the time            and to starve him is a crime.

Black cat on the prowl                     Black cat on the prowl                      He’s only got one eye                          and he can’t jump very high,
Black cat on the prowl

Black cat on the prowl                           If you don’t give him a feed
He will make your ears bleed.  

Black cat on the prowl                       He’s scratching at the door,
And there’s litter in his claw.          Black cat on the prowl

He jumps up on the bed,
Pissy litter on your head.
Black cat on the prowl (YEAH…)                                                Cue instrumental

Arohanui Charlie. You’ve been with me for 40% of my life but you’ll always be here (you grumpy old bastard*)

* it was one of his most endearing qualities…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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