22nd October (#111)

As a cricketer, 111 is considered an unlucky score made either by a team or an individual. Multiples of 111 thereafter are also seen with dread so if you or your team are on one of these scores of say 222, 333, 444 and so on…watch out, you could be courting disaster. Its said to be unlucky because 111 resembles three stumps without bails, which obviously equates to losing your wicket. Which is bad because you can’t score any more runs once you’re out. 111 is also known as “Nelson”, perhaps originating from Royal Navy Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who supposedly had one eye, one arm and one leg towards the end of his life.

Whatever the reason, being commute #111, I set off with some trepidation, nervous of what disaster may fall upon me. Riding a bike is most unlike cricket unless you sport white riding kit but still, it gave be the heebie jeebies riding today. I gingerly avoided anything on the road that may cause me to fall, nervously keeping away from the same imperfections and pot holes that I’ve zoomed past many times before. I made it in one piece brawling with a cross-headwind all the way. Maybe that was my bad luck for the day I thought-a bastard headwind!

By the time that it was time to head back to the van late that evening, I could not believe that the headwind was the only bad luck that I could have. I hadn’t finished #111 yet, I had only completed the first half of it. But it was less a worry than the morning, even in the dark on a main road for half of the ride. The wind had died down and 11°C at 8.30pm was a cause for minor celebration at the end of October and it kept my mind off what could happen.

Normally better weather keeps me out for some minor bonus miles but I had to be back to squeeze in some more time on my coursework, if only to maintain some momentum. Due for submission in 7 days, I’m determined to break the back of it by the end of the weekend. That way I can get out for some leisure rides in between doing housemoving jobs during my week away from work next week. We’ll see…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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