11th November (#113)

I unwittingly joined a couple of clubs today. The 5 a.m club was the first as I was awoken by the herd of elephants that was Master15 in his room above us. I needed to be up early anyway so dithered around for an hour before I left a good hour before sunrise. The darkness was accentuated by the mist. My light barely penetrated the thick cloak that surrounded me but I like riding in it. Fog and mist while cold is still which=no wind which is perfect for riding. Having been a couple of weeks off bike commuting, I felt effortless as I pondered the newly announced retirement of a colleague and the massive hole created by her departure. Before I knew it, the day was getting lighter and I was nearly at work.

It was nearly sunset by the time I was ready to leave but when I got my bike, the front tyre was flat. A stone had wedged itself into the tyre and caused a slow puncture. My new tyres that I ordered in September won’t arrive at the suppliers until February!

I’m starting to think that that they’re growing them in Malaysia to order!

When I got my repair kit out to patch it, I discovered that the vulcanising agent had dried in its tube. No problem, replace the tube with the spare that I always carry and pick up some more on the way home. When I got it out of my frame bag, it had a hole bigger than what was in the original one! That’s the moment that I sjoined the puncture repair club on their 2 for 1 special offer. Mental note-don’t carry the spare around in a cardboard box, wrap it in a plastic bag. Maybe that’s the first rule of puncture repair club…

So I was faced with a walk to the only shop open at that time, a 3km journey on my route home. But instead, I raided the Resuscitation trainers’ office for some glue. Within 30 minutes, the patch was stuck on with the help of some tape, the tyre was on and I was headed out on 2 wheels towards Halfords. I got what I needed and because the tyre was still firm, I didn’t change the tube. By the time I got home 16km later, it was still (roughly) 75% inflated so I left it to change tomorrow. A minor inconvenience compared to trying to find a parking space and filling up the car with petrol.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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