12th November (#114)

I woke on my alarm, snoozed and got up. I changed my tyre and as predicted it was flat so replaced the tube over coffee. Not being fussed over distance anymore and having another predicted late finish, I drove to the supermarket and unloaded the bike from the van, ultimately cutting 4km out of my return journey.

I battled into the wind which wasn’t strong, just annoying after the luxury of the last few weeks when it had been relatively absent. To combat it, I tried positive thoughts:

“at least it isn’t wet”

“Hey! It’s November and you’re still in shorts”

“hump day was yesterday. Its all downhill and tailwind to the weekend now…”

…and so on. I weaved slowly around puddles on the river trail mostly avoiding the worst of the giant ones left by the rain the night before. It was unexceptional and won’t last long in the memory as my finest commute of the year.

It was very dark and night time when I was finally able to extract myself from work. But it was still and clear. Perfect save for the light. Not even the road traffic upset my rhythm apart from a pair of cars chasing each other up the A1184, simulating the best example of the Herts & Essex rally that I have seen this month. However it was late and despite feeling more than able to be out for much longer decided on the shortest route back to the van.

I was tired and needed my sleep to keep something in the bank for for a longer ride home tomorrow when, for a change, I aim to ride home while it is still light.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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