17th November (#116)

After yesterday’s school run bike errands, my legs were sore at me this morning. It was another early start but my only bike commute during a week of house moving. After a month of solicitor ‘uck ups, sluggish movement and generally finding obstacles for both us and our buyers we have reached the summit and speeding down a step descent. Our buyers forced the issue and booked their romovals people for Friday (who does that before exchanging contracts and before negotiating a completion date?!). I would’ve given them a big don’t argue and not backed down but these people will be our neighbours soon enough so it isn’t worth the long term grief for some short term gain.

Thankfully we have been drip feeding boxes of our stuff into an empty house so there is only half a house to move over the next couple of days but my plan of steaming some awful wallpaper off a couple of walls and skimming the wall plaster won’t happen anytime soon. Until Mrs B2W is no longer distracted by the initial cognitive load of moving that is. The DIY campaign list will start soon enough though and there is plenty to keep me off the bike over the colder months of winter. The quads committee is quite pleased about that development…

Back to this morning, it was an overcast and an unusually mild November morning. 11°C at 6 a.m is “too good to miss out on!” I forcefully told my legs who were again happy to be uncovered below my thighs. The 13mph breeze blowing into me ALL the way was the price that I paid for it but I got in ready to offload my work onto understanding colleagues and script my automatic replies on the email. The new building designs that we have had no stakeholder engagement with are ploughing ahead with little thought for learners’ needs or our needs to deliver effective interactive education. Despite lobbying at every meeting to involve us in the planning the management don’t. Presumably because they don’t understand change management, they fear that they won’t like the answers to their questions when they do ask or there’s no more money left during this plague. I get the feeling that I will get back to work next week with the local MP ready to cut the ribbon to a building that we did not agree to. He’s also the chair of the education select committee in Parliament. Despite being a Tory, he’s a good man. I feel a whistle blowing letter coming on…

I headed back to the van in bright sunshine and a tailwind. I was so busy that I had nothing to eat until lunchtime which was my overnight oats planned for brekkie. By the time that I was halfway there, I started to ride like I was ploughing through treacle. I munched on an energy bar and sloshed back some water but it was too late to hold off the bonk. A little light headed, I wobbled up and down the A1184 to Stortford feeling better by the time that I got back. What a waste of a tailwind I thought as I inhaled my pasta leftovers from last night, followed by half a packet of dark chocolate digestives.

It wasn’t a great “only commute of the week” but at least the next one can only be better.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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