26th November (#117)

I’ve had a week long hiatus from the bike commute owing to moving house. We’re now in after a frantic and exhausting time spending 48hrs doing the moving ourselves (we had the luxury of only moving 3 doors down). After that, it was filling holes in walls and unpacking to make the house look a little less like a hoarders wet dream. The previous occupants were renting and the house has been empty for a year so it’s all looking a bit shabby but at least I have filled the remaining holes left by hooks, screws, nails and anything else that was used by the previous occupants to hang something on.

Interim garage storage space

Today was my second day back at work. I was gonna have a late finish yesterday so didn’t bother riding and besides, there was rain about and it’s getting colder. I dropped the boys at school and parked up at the supermarket. There is no way that I’ll get a park at work when I arrive so Thursdays are riding days whatever the weather. With the trails muddy (probably), I’m forced onto the roads and all the driver agro that this entails. I rehearsed an email to our Estates Dept on the way. The previous evening some contractors turned up to replace all of the lights in our building. We got 6 hours notice for work that had been in the planning for at least 2 months. This was exactly 6 hours more notice than we had the last time but I was still angry. No one had “engaged the stakeholders”. If they had, they would’ve realised that the job was a lot more complex than it seemed to be from a management office. The ride was the standard mix of speeding close passes, impatience due to 2 sets of temporary traffic controls and brainless walkers along the river path, too deaf or wired in to their devices to hear the “Brng, brng!! Brng, Brng, Brng, BRiiiiiiiiiNG!!!!!! of my bell.

Work was busy and full of poor communication from other departments who have their eye firmly on managing the C word to worry about the consequences of ignoring everything else. I have learnt through bitter experience not to hit the send button when I am angry so this morning, after a dose of fresh air and consequent attitude adjustment I sent it, professional, assertive, advisory which in a nutshell went like this:






It fell on deaf ears (& blind eyes). The same problems occurred delaying my escape from the mad house to get back to Mrs B2W who has (probably) an infection from having an infected wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. It was foggy, thick and mysterious when I left.

I love riding in the fog and if I wasn’t in a hurry I would’ve gone longer. For sure it was cold but no wind and dry. I went the same roads which were quieter and way less speedy and aggressive. My phone rang. I don’t recognise the number and I’m warm now and I ain’t gonna stop for no one! Its work I am sure but the buggers aren’t gonna take any more of my time. The caller left a voicemail. It was the guy who was (mis)managing the project asking me to call back to explain the “issue”. Until then I did not know who was managing the project.

I didn’t call him back when I got to the van. He can sort his own mess out…I think that I have resilience fatigue.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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