9th December (#119)

It’s been a week since I have been to work. The riding has continued with me and Doris running errands in between the school run and home improvement. effing freezing would be the best term to describe the weather. We have just seen the end of 48 hours of fog and mist. I guess that there’s a first time for everything.

Glorious sunset on Sunday evening, the last that we all saw of the sun for 48 hrs

The high humidity and air temperatures of 0-2°C in my neck of the woods has made it feel far cooler. I arrived home after dropping master15 off at school with ice on my shins, socks, helmet and jacket in the space of a 16km ride. Even the new double hand layer combo of merino under the winter gloves didn’t cut the mustard yesterday as the tips of my fingers gave me merry hell. It was a figurative baptism of fire for their first outing together. Fast forward to 13.00, the fog had finally lifted to expose the strange white light in the blue sky and it felt positively balmy as I zipped along the permawet back roads back to the van. But I couldn’t enjoy it as I might otherwise. The 4 hour sleep the night before was all I could get as my mind mulled over coursework revisions. Why do lecturers always want more than the word count can offer? (for crying out loud!!).

So it was against this backdrop that I loaded Doris into the van this morning and park three quarters of the journey to work in cold, light rain, partly hoping it would ease, partly not. I discovered that USB port had dislodged on my front light on Monday and would not charge. I took it apart and tried to solder it back on but made a mess of it. The guy on YouTube made it look so easy…I’ve got another one on order and can only hope that I have enough juice left to get me through at least 2 more commutes.

I was lost in my thoughts trying to figure out when to swap into blinkies mode to save some battery when a guy on a hybrid bike motored past me up a rise spewing road juice onto my face in his wake. I concluded that it must be pedal assist and that he was an idiot. It was still dark and he had no lights nor reflective clothing. I waited until I was off the main road before I changed to the front blinkie.

After a week away from work, even my e-mails, the same problems that annoy me where there but they didn’t make me angry. Apart from a late finish, the day flew by. Into the darkness I went fearing a sudden shut down of my light. So I went blinkies all the way and survived. Being late, traffic was light and there was an absence of any rush hour aggression. I got home to a delivery of a bracket for my older Cateye volt. I replaced this with my current Lezyne because…yes that’s right the micro USB port had also come away from the motherboard and I couldn’t get to it to repair it. Both are robust, bright and with a number of options but the USB port lasts just long enough in both to go beyond the 2 year warranty which is disappointing given how much I’ve cared for them.

There is still no sign of my new light arriving so hopefully I can squeeze enough juice out of the both of them until it does.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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