16th December (#122)

It was mild-for-December yet again this morning meaning shorts again. Being superstitious, I donned the winter gloves again but this time with the merino inners. Thanks IdleCyclist, you are a life saver, or at least a finger saver. There’s nothing like ten toasty digits after a ride in the middle of winter. Things were pretty uneventful until I hit the end of the A1184 at Harlow Mill.

Traffic was buzzing past me, some faster than others which made it feel like I was in a barrel shoot. As I was nearing a narrowing caused by a traffic island in the middle of the road that I think is a calming measure, the driver of a silver hatchback decided to pass me anyway. He or she gave me just enough space but in doing so clattered at speed into the island, momentarily lost control into my path, recovered and sped away. The noise of metal on concrete and the sudden appearance of an out of control car in front of me scared the life out of me. “What the F_ _ _ing F_ _ _ do you think you’re doing you F_ _ _ing clown!!!” is what I think that I said. The blanks are because I was swearing under my scarf. My eyes followed them as they gathered speed up towards Town. So much for social distancing. I didn’t see it but can imagine that the car is gonna need some serious panel beating. Shaken, my mood was nowhere near as bad as yesterday. It was busy but despite a session running over by an hour requiring a big clear up job, I was still able to leave early. If I didn’t wait out the rain, it would’ve been earlier still.

I headed out into mild evening air. 6°C at 19.00. I’m liking this part of winter! I had my new front light, a Lezeyne 800XL and it is just as good, if not better than the old 1100XL. According to the generic instruction leaflet that came with it, the indicator light on my old one was showing yellow meaning that it still had between 10-50% battery left.

So I had nothing to worry about after all but at least I now have the assurance of taking a longer commute if I want. The charging compartment is not set as deep into the main body so hopefully it will last longer than the last one. The light performed well unlike the council who still haven’t cleared the flooded forest road that has been impassable for nearly 2 weeks. The location of the water is way past my bottom bracket at its deepest but a tantilising 300metres from home. Thankfully the entry up to the Flitch Way was only half submerged and I had a sloppy detour along the mud of its saturated path to get home. I tried the brightest mode, pointed it straight ahead and had a good 25metres visibility without the aid of street lights.

Yep, the new light will do nicely…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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6 Responses to 16th December (#122)

  1. idlecyclist says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

    I have a Lezyne Micro front light. It has a removable rubber lug on the base that allows you to plug the uncovered USB end direct into a USB socket meaning no cables and no water ingress. Great design and very good lights.

  2. capejohn says:

    Those calming measures can be a friend. For example. On a work commute two guys in their early 20’s gave me an angry horn blare from their jalopy. I glanced up at a roundabout we were approaching and saw it was a quagmire. “Am I slowing you down? I asked as they pulled along side of me. The passenger told me to get the F off the road. I responded, “why don’t you try to keep up.” The traffic was at a standstill from three entry points at the roundabout. I was easily able to weave my way around and between the stopped traffic as they became a distant shadow in the late afternoon sun.

    That felt as good as the trail of car parts your silver hatchback I’m sure, satisfied you.

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