18th December (#124)

I could’ve done a full commute today but with the C-word taking hold and tier 3 looming for us tomorrow I took a pragmatic choice. There was a chance that I could get out early enough from work to collect some paint and wood for some shelving and I couldn’t do that by bike. Moreover, I’m not sure whether the shop will be open on Saturday and with the threat of self isolation possible, I decided that at least I could get enough stuff in to do some home improvement if/when we all get stuck indoors. If there is anything that I learnt from lock down 1.0 watching neighbours use their time to do the same, this was it. While I was slaving away in a key worker role, they were building, re building, painting and decorating. I was envious that they had this time to do it. Even so, I had the luxury of warm sunny days, relatively quiet roads and social contact with peers as well as a couple of 1000km months.

So I parked the van up, hauled out a dirty Doris and started to spin my merry way through the drizzly suburbs of Bishops Stortford. The wind had picked up to a breezy in my face 17mph. It was like autum all over again with the weather app telling me that the air temperature was a mild 10°C. After riding for the last week in relatively still air, this should have felt like the B@$T@®d-est of headwinds but it was OK. On Doris I could tuck in, keep low and plod along. The drizzle soon stopped and my 15km journey was over before I knew it.

It was a busy morning hosting a regional study day using remote tech. Nothing new here but new to us and we smashed it. Our paymasters liked it but I will celebrate (or not) when we get the attendees’ feedback. Afterwards I completed some admin jobs that I had been putting off so that Christmas week could be spent doing mandatory e-learning and starting the annual tidying, cleaning and getting rid of hoarded rubbish. I left later than I wanted so could only do the boring short route back to the van again so that I could get the paint before the shop closed.

I was expecting my legs to moan about having to climb into a second 100 mile week running this deep into December but they were happy enough. Besides, a timely end of week tailwind meant that I could be caressed along with little effort for the end of week commute. I had a nagging feeling that I had forgotten something, missing a piece in the jigsaw of my grand lock down home improvement plan. I busied myself with weekend tasks to discover what it was. Load mattresses and wood into van for the tip for first thing tomorrow morning. Get Christmas tree out of the garage. Consolidate my scattered tools back into the toolbox. Do same with painting equipment. Clean bikes. Ride bikes. There was nothing that jumped out at me.

Goody. Let the weekend commence!

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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