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13th April

I had a lazy day today, feeling hungover after too much wine from the day before. Toxic would be a better word for it. I had no energy for anything despite the tasks not being that onerous. I did take … Continue reading

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8th April (#33)

Long sleeve base layer, short sleeve top covered by spring/autumn jacket with shorts. That was my set up this morning along with fingerless gloves. The 9°C forecast called for it and it was just right apart from the from the … Continue reading

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5th April

I snoozed until after 9, woken only by Mrs B2W getting up for work at 6.30 and ultimately a demented one eyed cat vociferously demanding his brekkie. Out again first thing to exercise the dog taking the same stealthy route … Continue reading

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#30DOB day5

Probably my favourite ride of the week so far & only because it it wasn’t a long one. 8km in total but a change from the recent Saturday routine with the Mrs and Jack Bauer. She’s got girlie friends over … Continue reading

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