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Coffeeneuring part 1

Distance: 9.5km Destination: Work Weather: Dry, 13°C, mild with a 18mph headwind. I didn’t properly read the start date for Coffeeneuring until until I read someone elses post elsewhere. My first post was submitted 10 days early! A dry run … Continue reading

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Its been a while. Family illness (x3) the cricket season and a busy summer at work has put paid to posting. Cricket is finished for the season except for the club admin, politics and planning for next season but the … Continue reading

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Today was the last “workers Mass” of Lent. I have been stopping off every Wednesday at 06.30 on the way to work to observe one of the 3 pillars of the season. The other 2, alms giving and fasting have … Continue reading

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An old favourite

I’m currently liking the upright position on my 29er. With the pot holes around these parts and the amount of water that is falling from the sky at the moment its solidness gives me a sense of security. It suits … Continue reading

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Errandonnee already

I got all fired up for this when I read about it. The weather & personal circumstances have severely curtailed the opportunity to get out & ride to the extent that I’ve only done 11 bike commutes this year. By … Continue reading

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Gee, thanks Jim

I have been posting infrequently for a while now and occasionally wonder about these blog recognition awards that do the rounds from time to time. To be recognised by peers can be a wonderful thing and this is what struck … Continue reading

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2017 cycle

After a week off the bike during the seasonal plunder of food and booze I have lost my mojo. So I am hoping that reminding myself of what I did on the bike this year will give me some motivation … Continue reading

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