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I had a later start as had a mid ride coffee break to complete some cricket business. It was cold and didn’t really fancy stopping. Wearing 4 layers on top helped as did a nice breeze at my tail. I … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2018, don’t come back (I didn’t like you)

It has been a while since I have posted. I have really struggled to find the time during the annus horribilis that was 2018. Struggling to find the time riding was also an issue-I failed by 21 to match the … Continue reading

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Errandonnee already

I got all fired up for this when I read about it. The weather & personal circumstances have severely curtailed the opportunity to get out & ride to the extent that I’ve only done 11 bike commutes this year. By … Continue reading

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Gee, thanks Jim

I have been posting infrequently for a while now and occasionally wonder about these blog recognition awards that do the rounds from time to time. To be recognised by peers can be a wonderful thing and this is what struck … Continue reading

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2017 cycle

After a week off the bike during the seasonal plunder of food and booze I have lost my mojo. So I am hoping that reminding myself of what I did on the bike this year will give me some motivation … Continue reading

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Getting even

I often hear the saying,”don’t get angry, get even”. Back in mid November on my way to work in the morning, a bus sounded his horn and to his credit passed me at a safe distance. But as he did, … Continue reading

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Full Winter Jacket

It was effing cold if you believe the “RealFeel®” on the weather app this morning. A month ago I was enjoying breezy 26°C rides in the Canary Islands so yes, I can well and truly believe the information. This heralds … Continue reading

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