#13 – morning blinkies

This morning I left home at 7a.m. and had the luxury of having the front light on the blinky mode for the whole hour. Yes, spring is coming. It felt a bit disconcerting at first as I have become used to an early warning of a car behind me showing my elongated silhouette in front long before I hear the engine.

At lunch, I rode up to the dentist to have a rotten tooth taken out. The 14mm root made it difficult to pull. Biting down on the gauze on the way back to work made things tender for a while and not being able to breathe through my mouth made an uncomfortable change.

I left for home later than planned. The only blinky in sight was my rear light. It was mild and I was over dressed in 3 layers including my winter jacket. Tomorrow’s forecast is for the same dry mild. It’s time for shorts.

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Tuesday photo challenge-Surface

I have just discovered Dutch Goes the Photo.

My photo of the day is the aftermath of our 1 eyed, elderly and (probably) demented cat’s contribution to carpet design.

He chundered up his dinner almost very nearly as soon as he finished it. I was out taking master11 to karate so a grossed out master14 took clean up instructions over the telephone.

Starting to dry out

You’ve done well Padawan…

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It was colder this morning but I gutsed it out on a short 9km route to work from the cricket club. I passed last nights offending Range Rover on the way. It was too cold to stop and leave a note enlightening him of last nights transgression and besides, I didn’t have a pen or paper. I continued on berating myself for not scripting a note on the PC and leaving it on his screen. At least he didn’t drive with a skin full which is something I suppose…

I left work 14 hrs after I arrived. Again it was busy and with the set up for tomorrows course the time just flew by. A good omen for the return journey to the van perhaps.

Set up for tomorrows surgical skills course complete

And it was. Banished were last nights indolent legs. It wasn’t a super pace but in the still night air I cruised up the rises, swayed around bends and powered along the flats. If it weren’t for time pressure I would have lingered longer.

Thank you legs.

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In with the waking day (#11)

It was cold but only 4°C cold this morning and barely a whisper of wind. The mornings are getting lighter but I am leaving 15min later. Again, it was bright enough to switch to the blinkie at the front about half way in to work.

Glorious but my camera does not do it justice.

The sunrise over my left shoulder was glorious in it’s announcement of the coming day. Immediately I had thoughts of prolonged early summer routes to work. There is nothing better than chasing foxes down lanes, startling hares on their early morning forage and being part of the waking day in the countryside. If I win the lottery, this is what I will miss most about working.

Once off the lanes, I encountered the expected trudge of traffic into town. I passed 25 vehicles crawling to the roundabout before nipping down to the river path for more solitude.

Work was busy, engaging if I was to be pushed for an adjective. Usually time flies by when it’s like that but it seemed to drag slowly. Maybe it was because the dog woke all and sundry up with her crying (?cause) in the night and I was short of an hours sleep….again.

The ride home was an achingly boring trudge through the night save for the @®$€hat in his Range rover shooting across a T junction to the pub opposite. It was a dark road and there was no other traffic. He didn’t see me to give way/yield because he wasn’t looking. Because he was holding his phone to his right ear and talking on it. I could’ve gone into his side but I spotted his phone lit up like a Christmas tree and slowed down. I could have followed him and pointed this out to him. I could have waited until he went in and keyed a message on his door, “I USE MY PHONE WHILE I DRIVE MY PENIS EXTENSION”…But I just wanted to get home and I lack the wit to react quickly like this.

Besides, the zest of the morning had departed and my legs didn’t really want to stop. Not that they wanted that ride home in the first instance. They didn’t complain, they just grudgingly went through the motions to keep me moving. To safety, a warm shower and sleep.

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I don’t usually work on a Saturday but went in work to support a revision event for upcoming medical examination finals in March. Faculty are all volunteers and a few of them showed their true colours by not attending. It made the day feel chaotic although the students got a lot out of it.

I rode 8km to work from the club into 46mph headwind gusts. I thought that taking the river trail would afford shelter and avoidance of falling branches. I was wrong about the shelter. It was a hard slog and required a lot of care not to end up in the water but at least it was short.

The ride back was a two layered spin in 9°C with a helpful tailwind that caressed me back to van. These odd days of comfort away from the cold are a tease. I try to stop thinking, hoping that spring is around the corner when it is mild like this in February but I cant help it.

Please Spring, come sooner…

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Boris turns 10,000

We were a day late.

Yesterday I had intentions to ride the 8km to work from the cricket club and then back again after. However my life long fear of the dentist and lack of oral hygiene hijacked me. I woke at 3 a.m. after a broken sleep with intense, nervy pain on the left side of my mouth. By 7, my cheek looked like it had a tennis ball in it and my eye was starting to swell. Despite the anti inflammatories, I also had a headache.

I drove the boys to school and made the embarrassing visit to the dentist who prescribed antibiotics and marched me to the local ED for the oral surgeons to have a look. This was even.more embarrassing as the hospital are also my employers. At least that meant I got VIP treatment although I did have to put up with being called “hamster” and “chipmunk” by a couple of old colleagues.

After 2 hrs, an X-ray, 2 failed cannulations, a shot of steroid and an excision and drainage of the offending abscess from a magnificent dentist who will soon train to be a doctor, I was on my way. No, I wouldn’t need IV antibiotics but I would need to come in again this morning for a check.

I slept fitfully only to be woken by the cat having a chunder on the carpet. This turned out to be the alarm call for me to get up and watch the BlackCaps lose to India in another one-sided match. I went in to be checked out again and everything was fine but I have to get the offending tooth pulled soon. Even though I had called in sick, went in to show my larger than usual face to my colleagues and caught up on some paperwork.

24 hrs of antibiotics and I felt nearly fine. Good enough for a night ride. After dinner, I spent 30min plotting an extended route to the shop to get Boris to 10,000. I ignored my planned routes and just went were he wanted to go which was on the quiet lanes, away from the mud for a change. By the time we got to the shop, we had more or less made it. Here’s to the next 10,000 fella…

Boris. He’s great. Loves the road & loves the mud. He’s just received his 2nd bottom bracket replacement. The cheap chinese one that he came with was kaput after 500km

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Take that (#9)

I wasn’t feeling great this morning when I woke and there was a hint of light rain in the forecast last night. It was misty and murky and I’d had a broken 5hr sleep but with the temp of 8°C at 0600, there was no way that I was gonna miss out after last week’s below zero icy misery.

I only wore 2 layers under my winter jacket and the autumn gloves + cotton cap under the lid kept me toasty warm. Nearly too toasty warm. After last week, I’ll take that.

In the permagrey and permawet, “sunrise” happened about 40min after I left home. It was properly daylight when I arrived at work. I’ll take that.

The BlackCaps handed India their heaviest T20i defeat. After being outplayed all series, I will definitely take that.

The ride home was slightly cooler. Not nearly too toasty but just right with 3 layers. The mild SW breeze behind nudged me home on the short route. While the immediate forecast is for a return to cold, it won’t be like last week (at least for a while anyway). Last year it was March by the time I had ridden 9 commutes to work.

I will very definitely take all of that.

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